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I have always been interested in filmmaking, or at least as far as I can remember. Four years ago, I had the chance to shoot be part of a team who shot a short stereoscopic (3D) movie in a prehistoric cave in France, using a 70mm camera, and since then I have been planning a turn in my career (I am an engineer now).

To give you an idea of the movies I particularly love here is the list of my favorite directors: Robert Bresson, Michael Haneke and Jean-Luc Godard. Nevertheless, I enjoy Hollywood-style movies and American independent cinema.

I decided to start shooting shorts this year and look into financing an independent feature whenever possible.

Although my main interest is in directing, I want to learn the basis on every aspect of making a movie so I can better choose the people I want to work with and can stay involved in every aspect.

I thought that going through the Wikiversity course would be a good starting point before attending workshops from other sources.

Thank you for the time you are investing and let me know if I can be of an help with this wonderful free online University.

Greg From Austin (23 January 2007)