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Basic Filmmaking (Pre-production) Course

Official student status: Rick14
I am a basic filmmaking student at Wikiversity Film School beginning June 2008

Basic filmmaking student: Rick14

Completed assignment - Pop Quiz
SBTDS Storyboard Shot 14.png
SBTDS Storyboard Shot 08.png

June 12, 2008 -- Rick14 says,

Question #1
My answers would be to frame first image 14, a more panoramic view,

Question #2
and then slowly zoom in to 8, where the dialogue can get started properly.

Completed assignment - Script formatting

June 14, 2008 -- Rick14 has formatted the script with the free demo version of Final Draft. You can download it at Media:Rick14 Screenplay SBTDS.pdf. This is an extremely good example of taking a story and building on it without changing any of the meaning of the story.

Completed assignment - Creating the thumbnail storyboard

June 12, 2008 -- Rick14 has created a thumbnail storyboard.

Rick14 SBTDS thumbnail frame.png

Rick14 SBTDS thumbnail storyboard.png
Click on the image to see larger version.