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Narrative Film Production:
Course: Fundamentals of narrative film editing (which is editing a conversation from a dramatic scene with scripted dialog.)
This lesson is:
Understanding "L-Cuts" in dialog editing
The pages of this lesson are:
Summary - "Hearing Voices" & "Fireworks Display"
What are "L-Cuts"?
When are "L-Cuts" allowed?
"Hearing Voices" DVD-Video
"Fireworks Display" DVD-Video

Editing a conversation means creating "L-Cuts"
Learning the theory of "L-Cuts" - The most important lesson in film editing
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Lesson summary

Two disks
The Star Movie Shop created two DVD-Video disks about "L-Cuts". These disks are called "Hearing Voices" and "Fireworks Display". Even though the Star Movie Shop is no longer open to the public, your instructor can still loan you these disks if you promise to return each disk in one month.
"Hearing Voices"
This DVD-Video/Data disk is a simple introduction to "L-Cuts" and cut-away (insert) short. This disk is more entertaining.
"Fireworks Display"
This DVD-Video/Data disk explains completely the uses of "L-Cuts". The disk shows you examples of the four different ways that "L-Cuts" can be used to enhance the telling of the story. This disk is more theoretical.
Execellent homework
These disks are good for studying at home. If your school has these disks, take them home and study them carefully. Many of the effects are only a few frames long. Therefore, you need time to understand what is happening.
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The theory of "L-Cuts"

Sound edit vs. picture edit
An "L-Cut" is where the audio and the picture are edited at differently. This physical difference is the "L-Cut" because it look like an "L" in the timeline.
But realize that "L-Cuts" are much more than just separate edits of audio and video. "L-Cuts" change the mood of the scene.
Always in sync
You need to understand one thing about "L-Cuts". Even though the picture and the audio tracks are edited separately, the audio remains in perfect sync with the picture. If you do not do "L-Cuts" correctly, you can create a mess if you are not careful.
Do it the easy way
Creating an "L-Cut" can be extremely difficult. That is why the lessons of the Star Movie Shop show you a very easy procedure for editing a conversation which automatically creates "L-Cuts" without any effort. Very easy!
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