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Narrative Film Production:
Course: Fundamentals of narrative film editing (which is editing a conversation from a dramatic scene with scripted dialog.)
This lesson is:
Understanding "L-Cuts" in dialog editing
The pages of this lesson are:
Summary - "Hearing Voices" & "Fireworks Display"
What are "L-Cuts"?
When are "L-Cuts" allowed?
"Hearing Voices" DVD-Video
"Fireworks Display" DVD-Video

Editing the picture and the audio differently
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Who's in charge?

Definition of conversation
The definition of a conversation is two or more people talking back and forth, back and forth without any pauses. When this happens, the rules of film editing change.
In an action sequence, the editing is done based on the visual image (the picture). But when you have a conversation, things change. The picture is no longer important.
Sound vs. Picture
In a conversation, the most important thing is the words. The words must flow naturally or the audience gets very upset.
If the picture looks bad in a conversation, people call it art. But if the dialog sounds bad, people complain.
Natural rhythm
When people talk, there is a natural rhythm. Back and forth, back and forth.
In a conversation, sound is the most important element. This sound must have a natural rhythm.

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What are 'L-Cuts"?

Editing audio and video separately
In a conversation, the audio and the picture are usually busy doing different things. Therefore, it is only natural that the audio edits and the video edits do not happen at the same point in time.
This is called an "L-Cut" because, if you look at the timeline, the edit looks like an "L". (Well, sort of!)
How to add an "L-Cut
If you try to figure out exactly how to edit the picture and the audio separately at the same time, you will go bonkers (nuts, crazy, insane, etc.) It gets very complicated. Some editors like to do this but I do not recommend this.
At the Star Movie Shop, they never edit the audio and the picture at the same time. Instead, they start with the most important element which is audio. This makes editing so much easier!!!!
More than just separate edits
"L-Cuts" are more than just separate edits of the picture and the audio. "L-Cuts" also create emotion.
This lesson shows you how to create "L-Cuts" for a conversation and then tries to explain the different emotions that you can create with "L-Cuts".

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"L-Cuts" are a trick. But this trick only works at certain times. When can you use "L-Cuts"?

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