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Under Construction This Month[edit | edit source]

Sve your edit of these scenes
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Save your work[edit | edit source]

Put your edit on your demo reel
When you complete an edit of a scene, you need to save your edit so you can show people how good you are at editing scenes. This means you must create a demo reel which is a DVD-Video disk of the scenes which you have edited.

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What is a demo reel[edit | edit source]

There are two parts to a demo reel
First, you need an overview of your work. This is tiny snippets (shots segments) taken from the scenes that you have edited. The total time for this section should be 30 seconds to three minutes... never longer. You must be able to demonstrate your editing skills very quickly for producers who are looking for an editor.
Second, you need complete scenes that you have edited. After you have attracted the interest of a film producer, the producer will want to look at complete scenes. No one will look at this section unless you have a great first section.
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