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Lesson #05 - How to create your own editing workshop disk

Lesson summary

Publicity for your motion picture
Soon you will be making your own motion pictures and looking for a distributor. You will need to create as much publicity as possible. An editing workshop disk is an inexpensive option.
When to begin
The design of an editing workshop is different if you are planning the editing workshop before it is filmed versus after it is filmed.
Filming for multimedia
An editing workshop is classified as multimedia. If you are going to take full advantage of an editing workshop disk, you need to documentary footage 10 seconds before and after each scene and you need to mike the director.
Analyze your footage and your goals
Each scene requires a totally different emphasis.

The Basic contents of an editing workshop disk

Finding the scene
To create an editing workshop for dialog editing, you need a scene which stands by itself. It must make sence when pulled out of the rest of the movie.
The overview movie
The overview movie is more than just the dailies cut apart and placed into chronological order. The overview movie is also a tour of the movie set and the most entertaining part of the disk.
The audio edit
In a conversation, the audio edit is the first step. This can be shown after the fact or the selection process can be shown, either as part of the overview movie or as a separate story.
Possible picture edits
You must decide if the editing workshop should show multiple possible edits for the picture which emphasizes one actor over another.

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The next page explains what to look for in the dailies for this scene.

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