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This meeting was all chat based with no voices.

[6:32:20 PM] Heather Moran: FOC 09 course participant :)

[6:32:28 PM] Leigh Blackall: Leigh Blackall has shared contact details with Heather Moran.

[6:32:34 PM] Leigh Blackall: Hi Heather

[6:32:39 PM] Leigh Blackall: :)

[6:32:52 PM] Leigh Blackall: Elluminate appears to be not working tonight

[6:33:04 PM] Leigh Blackall: would you like to try talking here on Skype?

[6:33:52 PM] Heather Moran: This is the first time I've used skype so may not be able too.  :)

[6:34:02 PM] Leigh Blackall: we'll see

[6:34:03 PM] *** Call from Heather Moran, duration 00:49. ***

[6:34:13 PM] Leigh Blackall: I can hear you

[6:34:20 PM] Leigh Blackall: but you don't hear me?

[6:34:24 PM] Leigh Blackall: yes, am talking

[6:34:30 PM] Leigh Blackall: I think my new computer has a problem

[6:34:34 PM] Leigh Blackall: its not you

[6:34:42 PM] Leigh Blackall: had the same issue with Herve

[6:34:49 PM] Leigh Blackall: have to chat sorry

[6:34:54 PM] *** Call ended ***

[6:35:01 PM] Leigh Blackall: r you a good typer

[6:35:03 PM] Leigh Blackall: ?

[6:35:14 PM] Heather Moran: no worries, I am good at chat

[6:35:22 PM] Leigh Blackall: great :)

[6:35:29 PM] Leigh Blackall: how r you going with the course?

[6:35:40 PM] Heather Moran: Who else is online? are there many?

[6:35:52 PM] Leigh Blackall: Herve and Kylee were, but have left

[6:36:04 PM] Leigh Blackall: actually, they are still on, but we've said goodbye

[6:36:07 PM] Leigh Blackall: Contact sent to Heather Moran

[6:36:11 PM] Leigh Blackall: Contact sent to Heather Moran

[6:36:43 PM] Heather Moran: Thanks, have added them

[6:36:59 PM] Heather Moran: So are you in Canberra at the moment Leigh?

[6:37:05 PM] Leigh Blackall: Yes I am :)

[6:37:11 PM] Leigh Blackall: its nice actually

[6:37:17 PM] Heather Moran: Lucky devil.....wish I was

[6:37:26 PM] Heather Moran: Well, Queensland anyway

[6:37:28 PM] Leigh Blackall: Palmy North is nice

[6:37:57 PM] Leigh Blackall: Did we meet when I popped in on that conference there last week?

[6:38:04 PM] Heather Moran: I'm in Bulls actually......which is sometimes nicer (weatherwise) than PN....but Queensland is better

[6:38:26 PM] Leigh Blackall: Kiwis love QL.. may as well give it to them lol

[6:39:20 PM] Heather Moran: haha..... my daughter is over there....that 's my fascination with the place

[6:39:42 PM] Leigh Blackall: Well, it is a nice place

[6:39:50 PM] Leigh Blackall: how are you going with FOC

[6:39:57 PM] Leigh Blackall: esspecially assignment 2?

[6:40:04 PM] Heather Moran: Blahhhhhhh

[6:40:10 PM] Leigh Blackall: :)

[6:40:26 PM] Leigh Blackall: you where gunna say..?

[6:40:31 PM] Leigh Blackall: were

[6:40:38 PM] Heather Moran: Assignment two is a little bit of a worry for me but will get there in the end

[6:41:10 PM] Leigh Blackall: is it stage fright? not sure you understand? unclear in any way.. or just reluctant?

[6:41:26 PM] Heather Moran: All of the above.......

[6:41:33 PM] Leigh Blackall: hmm..

[6:41:37 PM] Leigh Blackall: well.. http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Facilitating_Online#Assignment_2:_Facilitate_an_online_event

[6:41:47 PM] Leigh Blackall: lets look at it

[6:42:11 PM] Heather Moran: I dont think its stage fright, probably more to do with the content of the mini conference and who i can rope in to be the guest speaker

[6:42:20 PM] Leigh Blackall: I see..

[6:42:27 PM] Leigh Blackall: what interests you?

[6:42:32 PM] Leigh Blackall: topic wise

[6:42:41 PM] Leigh Blackall: r u a teacher?

[6:42:47 PM] Leigh Blackall: or a pro facilitator?

[6:43:21 PM] Heather Moran: yes I am a teacher, I teach business and computing subjects but was wanting to get away from that as much as I can

[6:43:55 PM] Leigh Blackall: hmm.. any contacts in local government? the people who try to facilitate community consultation?

[6:44:07 PM] Leigh Blackall: people like that always have interesting takes on "facilitation"

[6:44:58 PM] Leigh Blackall: or perhaps you already have another idea

[6:45:50 PM] *** Leigh Blackall added Hervé Carpentier ***

[6:46:13 PM] Leigh Blackall: I've just added Herve, incase he'd like to just watch the chat

[6:46:26 PM] Hervé Carpentier: ok

[6:46:49 PM] Leigh Blackall: Herve is a slow typer (so he says) so will probably remain silent

[6:47:12 PM] Leigh Blackall: you still there Heather?

[6:47:15 PM] Heather Moran: Yes,

[6:47:19 PM] Leigh Blackall: ok :)

[6:47:23 PM] Heather Moran: Was just thinking?

[6:47:35 PM] Leigh Blackall: hmm.. any contacts in local government? the people who try to facilitate community consultation?

people like that always have interesting takes on "facilitation"

[6:47:44 PM] Leigh Blackall: or perhaps you already have another idea

[6:48:12 PM] Heather Moran: I know those sorts of people have interesting takes on lots of '

[6:48:20 PM] Heather Moran: things'

[6:48:25 PM] Leigh Blackall: :)

[6:48:40 PM] Heather Moran: ;)

[6:49:06 PM] Leigh Blackall: so perhaps something else?.. anything crop up in the course as a topic you would like to hear someone talk about more?

[6:49:21 PM] Heather Moran: Sometimes, I feel that I may be too boring becasue I dont get into those types of talks,

[6:49:38 PM] Leigh Blackall: not boring.. just other interests

[6:50:03 PM] Leigh Blackall: so you're here to experience what it means to facilitate online

[6:50:07 PM] Leigh Blackall: we know that much

[6:50:17 PM] Heather Moran: So how long does the mini conference have to be? or should be?

[6:50:34 PM] Leigh Blackall: you mean your part in it?

[6:51:27 PM] Heather Moran: well, yes....do you expect that we will facilitate a meeting/confference for a minimum period or is it see how it goes?

[6:52:16 PM] Leigh Blackall: not really.. but usually 30 mins to an hour (if live).. or equal if a chat or forum based meeting

[6:52:48 PM] Leigh Blackall: hopefully we'll get around 5-10 events like that, and then we have a mini conference

[6:53:01 PM] Leigh Blackall: (your's being 1 event)

[6:53:53 PM] Heather Moran: So ideally, the topics should all be focussed around the same type of subject?

[6:54:09 PM] Leigh Blackall: yes, loosely based on facilitating online

[6:54:22 PM] Hervé Carpentier: what platform would we be using?

[6:54:30 PM] Leigh Blackall: the topics covered in the course are a good guide - but outside topics are welcome

[6:54:32 PM] Hervé Carpentier: would we all use the same?

[6:54:42 PM] Hervé Carpentier: ie Elluminate?

[6:54:43 PM] Leigh Blackall: no, preferably different topics

[6:54:47 PM] Leigh Blackall: oh yes

[6:54:52 PM] Leigh Blackall: Elluminate is handy

[6:55:01 PM] Leigh Blackall: (although not tonight it isn't)

[6:55:03 PM] Hervé Carpentier: (when working)

[6:55:06 PM] Leigh Blackall: lol

[6:55:09 PM] Hervé Carpentier: :)

[6:55:42 PM] Leigh Blackall: http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Facilitating_Online /course_mini_conference

[6:55:45 PM] Heather Moran: and its not handy at work either because IT cont seem to get it working for more than one person at a time!! :)

[6:56:01 PM] Leigh Blackall: take a look at that link

[6:56:08 PM] Hervé Carpentier: It would make sense to all use the same platform; it would help for consistency

[6:56:09 PM] Leigh Blackall: it is the organising page for the conference

[6:56:28 PM] Hervé Carpentier: I cannot see the link

[6:56:39 PM] Leigh Blackall: http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Facilitating_Online /course_mini_conference

[6:56:51 PM] Leigh Blackall: Heather?

[6:57:06 PM] Hervé Carpentier: :)

[6:57:07 PM] Leigh Blackall: Herve? still trouble?

[6:57:29 PM] Heather Moran: reading now

[6:57:41 PM] Hervé Carpentier: I have it now

[6:57:48 PM] Leigh Blackall: at the bottom is a link to the FOC08 conference

[6:58:05 PM] Leigh Blackall: "FO08 - This conference program is better viewed on Wikieducator, where the 2008 course was held"

[6:58:25 PM] Leigh Blackall: click the " better viewed on Wikieducator" link

[6:58:30 PM] Leigh Blackall: ok?

[6:58:56 PM] Leigh Blackall: this is the link: http://wikieducator.org /Facilitating_online_communities/Conference/FOC08

[7:00:00 PM] *** Leigh Blackall added Debra Maddocks ***

[7:00:09 PM] Leigh Blackall: Hi Deb, I'm adding you to a group chat

[7:00:19 PM] Heather Moran: I remember reading this a few weeks ago.... I see that some of the previous participants have doubled-up and dual facilitated, how does that work and is it an effective way of doing the assignment?

[7:00:19 PM] Leigh Blackall: we are looking at last years conference page: http://wikieducator.org /Facilitating_online_communities/Conference/FOC08

[7:00:50 PM] Leigh Blackall: is it an effective way of doing the assignment?personally, I don't think it is.. but some people seem to prefer it

[7:01:00 PM] Heather Moran: hi Debs ;)

[7:01:25 PM] Heather Moran: Ok.

[7:02:21 PM] Hervé Carpentier: what do you mean 'doubled-up and dual facilitated'?

[7:02:29 PM] Leigh Blackall: I reckon it is easier to settle on your own topic, find your own guest, and facilitate on your own

[7:03:03 PM] Leigh Blackall: Herve, Heather means some people teamed up and both did 1 event

[7:03:18 PM] Hervé Carpentier: stange idea...

[7:03:24 PM] Heather Moran: Herve, some people partnered up with others on last years course and facilitated an event together.

[7:03:26 PM] Leigh Blackall: eg: # 8 (Think, Learn & Create) Using Mind Maps

[7:03:33 PM] Leigh Blackall: that was 2 people

[7:04:08 PM] Hervé Carpentier: 2 facilitator in an event? (yawn)

[7:04:34 PM] Heather Moran: Interesting that you chose the PN one Leigh.....haha

[7:06:01 PM] Leigh Blackall: Deb seems to be having trouble navigating Skype

[7:06:24 PM] Leigh Blackall: trying to get her into this chat (she's chatting with me in another line)

[7:07:19 PM] Heather Moran: She's into private chats...lol

[7:07:46 PM] Leigh Blackall: oh no!

[7:07:53 PM] Leigh Blackall: inefficient

[7:08:18 PM] Leigh Blackall: here she is! :)

[7:08:31 PM] Debra Maddocks: ahh- 2 lines- or is that double lines.... will try and catch up (happy)

[7:08:44 PM] Heather Moran: There's some interesting topics in last years selection...I suppose the biggest challenge for me will be to find something as interesting and siomeone interesting to talk with/to.

[7:09:04 PM] Leigh Blackall: deb, we're just looking at last year's conference page: http://wikieducator.org/Facilitating_online_communities/Conference/FOC08

[7:09:10 PM] Heather Moran: 'someone'

[7:09:25 PM] Leigh Blackall: oh Heather! it'll be interesting!

[7:09:32 PM] Leigh Blackall: because you chose it!

[7:10:21 PM] Leigh Blackall: So the idea is to get this year's conference page, looking something like last years: http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Facilitating_Online/course_mini_conference

[7:10:44 PM] Debra Maddocks: ok, I had some very loosely defined thoughts about following on from the twitter-blogging debate and bringing in maybe someone like Joyce from EIT (being that I was at the T&L conf last week?

[7:10:46 PM] Heather Moran: Well, to be fair Leigh, having you as the course guru is a little intimidating....I saw and heard you at the teaching and learning conference debate last week!!!!

[7:10:56 PM] Hervé Carpentier: I think I have found a topic, if I can convince a friend to take part

[7:11:02 PM] Debra Maddocks: we almost missed leigh last week !!!!

[7:11:14 PM] Hervé Carpentier: and if the time difference allows it to happen

[7:12:23 PM] Leigh Blackall: You saw me there! How emberressing! you should have said earlier! I can't remember what I said there.. 3 minutes is impossible (as is joking about sucha serious issue ;)

[7:12:39 PM] Leigh Blackall: Herve, what's your topic?

[7:12:41 PM] Leigh Blackall: idea

[7:12:43 PM] Hervé Carpentier: What dates are we talking about for the miniconference?

[7:13:16 PM] Leigh Blackall: DATES: Week of the 9th of Nov

[7:13:20 PM] Heather Moran: Yeah, i was going to...... as you were running out of the theatre to catch the plane lol

[7:13:22 PM] Debra Maddocks: you quoted illich ? a lot, can't spell. the debate was a 'draw', not enoght time

[7:13:34 PM] Leigh Blackall: a draw!

[7:13:41 PM] Leigh Blackall: down with Palm North

[7:14:03 PM] Leigh Blackall: So, there's an event you might faciluitate? A debate

[7:14:03 PM] Hervé Carpentier: my idea is to invite someone who is experienced in delivering blended learning courses

[7:14:06 PM] Debra Maddocks: think that was right- heather? a draw (down-haha)

[7:14:18 PM] Hervé Carpentier: to talk about about his experiences.

[7:14:24 PM] Debra Maddocks: Yes, a debate on the use of twitter in an educational context!!!!

[7:14:26 PM] Hervé Carpentier: He is based inthe UK

[7:15:01 PM] Leigh Blackall: Herve, so you want to bring in a "teacher" to talk about "delivery".. hope you'll draw out aspects of facilitation (vs crowd control ;)

[7:15:07 PM] Hervé Carpentier: Is twitter your topic Debra?

[7:15:11 PM] Heather Moran: Didnt all participants get a prize though?

[7:15:17 PM] Hervé Carpentier: I cannot wiat to hear about it...

[7:15:46 PM] Debra Maddocks: Hi herve- not sure yet- i am mulling over, and realise that time is marching on, there aren't too many topics on the wiki yet....

[7:16:10 PM] Leigh Blackall: there aren't too many topics on the wiki yet....I'm concerned by that also :(

[7:16:10 PM] Hervé Carpentier: Leigh, this is the idea . I just need to dig it further

[7:16:18 PM] Debra Maddocks: herve- i thought you would love that topic :P

[7:16:44 PM] Leigh Blackall: Sure Herve.. be careful not to miss an opportunity to explore facilitation in its own right is all

[7:17:11 PM] Leigh Blackall: Twitter is a wild one.. how does a facilitator work in that space? a good question

[7:18:06 PM] Debra Maddocks: i haven't got my head around that yet- i am not sure if its possibel, that might have to be the debate- can it be done? facilitating with a twitter group..

[7:18:23 PM] Leigh Blackall: its a good question - for sure

[7:18:38 PM] Leigh Blackall: perhaps you might facilitate a discussion that is open to anyone to participate

[7:18:49 PM] Leigh Blackall: your challenge is to promote it well enoigh

[7:19:05 PM] Heather Moran: a facilitator can and should be able to work with any given tools. Its just that the tools can sometimes dictate the outcome.

[7:19:13 PM] Leigh Blackall: speaking of which - arriving at an idea and event is one thing - you MUST promote it and get people there too

[7:19:22 PM] Leigh Blackall: this side of the coin was very weak last year

[7:19:40 PM] Debra Maddocks: yea- that was a thought that popped up. theFOC-09 group shuld be a good learning ground...we have a wide range of thoughts on twitter...hehe

[7:20:09 PM] Debra Maddocks: can we get a copy of this conversation at all??

[7:20:12 PM] Heather Moran: "speaking of which - arriving at an idea and event is one thing - you MUST promote it and get people there too" this year will be no different I imagine ;)

[7:20:55 PM] Leigh Blackall: it should be - you're forewarned ;)

[7:21:19 PM] Leigh Blackall: your plans need:

[7:21:20 PM] Leigh Blackall: * Title for the session

   * The aim of the session
   * Promotions for the session (contact list, flier, bios, summary)
   * Key links for the event, dates and times, background information, and discussion starters
   * A description of technical support services available
   * A contingency plan for technical problems, poor or over attendance, and other disruptions
   * An indication of whether recording will be done and where it will be made available after the 


[7:21:22 PM] Heather Moran: lol, ok

[7:21:58 PM] Debra Maddocks: hmmm- will have to get a bit more tech savvy.....

[7:22:22 PM] Leigh Blackall: the tech support is more about what you will do if it fails.. a bit like tonight

[7:22:45 PM] Debra Maddocks: ha! yes, good experience to have anyway.

[7:23:16 PM] Hervé Carpentier: Technically, could you get several people at the same time to talk in skype?

[7:23:22 PM] Leigh Blackall: when we stop comparing online communication to face to face - its all good experience to have

[7:23:44 PM] Leigh Blackall: Technically, could you get several people at the same time to talk in skype?yes, about 5 is the limit

[7:23:49 PM] Leigh Blackall: and all 5 need broadband

[7:23:54 PM] Leigh Blackall: limitless chat tho

[7:24:01 PM] Hervé Carpentier: thanks

[7:24:23 PM] Leigh Blackall: WizIQ is pretty good - broadband need though

[7:24:47 PM] Hervé Carpentier: what is your definition of broadband?

[7:24:54 PM] Hervé Carpentier: 128K +?

[7:25:04 PM] Debra Maddocks: i think there are some options on the course wiki for this year???

[7:25:49 PM] Leigh Blackall: 128K +?at least

[7:25:54 PM] Heather Moran: `for what debra? topics or communication mediums/

[7:26:27 PM] Debra Maddocks: comm mediums- think stephen put some up earlier??? not sure- will have a catch up 2morrow

[7:27:18 PM] Leigh Blackall: So how r we then? winding down? Would it be ok if I published this text for others?

[7:27:35 PM] Hervé Carpentier: no pb (y)

[7:27:49 PM] Debra Maddocks: I might have to leave now, finish dinner etc yes, please do publish this- will you send a link?

[7:28:02 PM] Leigh Blackall: I will send link if Herve gives ok

[7:28:19 PM] Leigh Blackall: sorry

[7:28:23 PM] Leigh Blackall: Heather I meant

[7:28:30 PM] Debra Maddocks: :) thanks

[7:28:39 PM] Leigh Blackall: Heather?

[7:28:47 PM] Hervé Carpentier: ok

[7:29:09 PM] Heather Moran: Yeah, do it...i have no probs with that.

[7:29:24 PM] Leigh Blackall: :) great. Thakns. Very nice chatting to you 3

[7:29:24 PM] Debra Maddocks: thanks all, see you next time

[7:29:36 PM] Heather Moran: Bugger I should have negiotiated a pass for my consent!!!

[7:29:43 PM] Leigh Blackall: lol

[7:29:48 PM] Leigh Blackall: it all helps ;)

[7:29:53 PM] Debra Maddocks: good one heather!!!

[7:29:53 PM] Hervé Carpentier: :)

[7:30:53 PM] Leigh Blackall: good luck with your preps.. I hope you get a lot out of the exercise (ie rich learning) assessment is just a formality really.

[7:31:12 PM] Debra Maddocks: lol bye!!

[7:31:53 PM] Hervé Carpentier: bye

[7:32:13 PM] Heather Moran: I'd better not comment on that ;) Bye and thanks

[7:32:42 PM] Leigh Blackall: oh dear.. all 3 responses were ominous.. we'll see in the end

[7:32:52 PM] Leigh Blackall: cuz