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This is where we will coordinate the conference programme and be aware of people around us.

Mini Conference FO09

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Facilitators: please enter a proposed event, dates and times below (between 9th - 22nd November and if you haven't done so already start a thread in the discussion area for your proposal. All times in UTC/GMT please (NZ time is UTC +13 hours). Time zones can be calculated using this web site: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock

Online Discussion Forum Session

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Title: Elearning Interaction Through Online Discussion Forum
Date: 7.30 pm, Monday 16th November, (UTC/GMT + 13hrs)
Facilitator:Krishan Mani (kmani@manukau.ac.nz)
Presenter:Meena Adhikari (MIT) and Guest Speaker: Cherie Wright, Programme Leader National Certificate in Computing, Manukau Institute of Technology.
Venue:Elluminate: meeting room here
Description:For my Mini Conference I would like to discuss the Importance of Online interactionusing online discussions forums. How effective is asynchronous communication. Discuss some pros and cons of Online Discussions Forums. Share examples of online discussion and how users befit from it. Visit my blog for more details and dicussion about the topic. http://facilitationonlinekrishan.blogspot.com/
Back Up Plan: Skype (Skype ID: krishanmani83)

Meeting Recording : http://recp.dimdim.com/view/dimdim/4aee7fb0-23c8-102d-9515-003048642bd7

Chat Recording: http://recp.dimdim.com/chat/dimdim/4aee7fb0-23c8-102d-9515-003048642bd7

--Kmani 21:31, 10 November 2009 (UTC)

Twitter Session

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Title: All you need to know (can we use it in Education?)
Date: 11 am, Friday 20th November, (UTC/GMT + 13hrs)
Facilitator:Debra Maddocks (d.maddocks@ucol.ac.nz)
Presenter:Kevin Brennan (UCOL)
Venue:Elluminate: meeting room here
Description:To explore the use of Twitter in Education via asynchronous discussion prompts/ Q&A before a facilitated presentation session by Kevin Brennan, eLearning Advisor, UCOL. During the week leading to the presentation, please make use of the following NING network site- SIGN UP HERE[1]
Back Up Plan:Details will be posted on the NING site as required DebraMaddocks 06:06, 3 November 2009 (UTC)
Summary/Recording/Transcript:[2] DebraMaddocks 08:07, 6 December 2009 (UTC)

Going online to save the mala - early lessons from a web-based conservation planning process

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Date: 2pm Monday 23 November
Facilitator: Stephen Blyth
Presenter: Caroline Lees, co-convenor Conservation Breeding Specialist Group Australasia (CBSG)
Venue: TBD. Please RSVP and I will send a login to the webconferencing software - email Stephen at commonknowledge.net.nz
Description: The Australasian CBSG recently trialled a virtual environment as an alternative to face-to-face conservation planning workshops. Focused on saving the endangered mala, which inhabits Australia's dry centre, an online workshop process unrolled over a two month period from early August 2009. A variety of technologies were used including phone calls, Skype and synchronous conversation using Vyew web conference software, along with email and a Google sites wiki.
Sablyth 20:48, 3 November 2009 (UTC)

Use of wikis in education

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Title: How has wikieducator been used to support students learning in travel and tourism education
Date: Wednesday November 18 at 1pm
Facilitator:Rachel Byars (rbyars@tekotago.ac.nz)
Presenter:Hillary Jenkins(Otago Polytechnic)
Venue:Elluminate: meeting room here
Duration:30 minutes
Description:To explore the use of wikis in Education via Eluminate - Hillary Jenkins, Programme Manager - Travel & Tourism at Otago Polytechnic has been using wiki educator within their courses for a few years. She will present information on how the wiki can be used as both an educational and marketing tool for courses and how to motivate collaboration. If you would like to explore the wiki prior to the conference, please follow this link. At the end of the presentation there will be the opportunity for questions to Hilary.
Back up plan: Skype rachel.byars Please note this event will be recorded and available on this wiki.
Recording Information: If you missed out on this session, you can listen to the recording

Implementing online tools into your teaching

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Title: How to implement online tools into your teaching)
Date: Friday December 4 at 1pm)world times here
Facilitator:Kylee Tindall (dssltd@xtra.co.nz)
Presenter: Robin Heyden from Boston, US
Venue: DimDim http://webmeeting.dimdim.com/portal/JoinForm.action?meetingRoomName=robinheyden
Description:To find out how to implement online tools into your teaching via Eluminate - Please refer to the questions via email to support the open discussion Ktindall 1:00, 5 November 2009 (UTC)

[edit | edit source]

Title: Organising your online activities using Googlereader and Del.icio.us
Date: Friday 13 November at 11am
Presenter: David McQuillan (DavidM@tekotago.ac.nz)
Facilitator: Hilary Blamires, Otago Polytechnic, Wintec Hamilton Base (hilary@tekotago.ac.nz)
Venue: Elluminate: meeting room here
Description: To explore the use of Googlereader to organise multiple blogs, and Del.icio.us, a social bookmarking web service for storing,sharing,and discovering web bookmarks.
Duration: 1 hour Link here: http://elluminate.tekotago.ac.nz/play_recording_confirmation.html
Back up plan: Skype hblamires

Moodle, Ning, Wikieducator,Facebook and WiZiQ

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Title: How Moodle, Ning, Wikieducator, Facebook and WiZiQ can be combined to enhance online Instruction
Date: Monday the 23rd of November Time:8PM
Duration: 1 Hour
Facilitator: Catherine Taylor (catherinetaylor@inspire.net.nz)
Presenters: Nellie Deutsch will be Co presenting with Gladys Gahona
Venue: [WiZiQ][3]
Description:To Discuss and Demonstrate techniques that facilitate active life-long learning. Look at ways in which Moodle (LMS)(CMS), Ning, Wikieducator, Facebook, and WiZiQ can be combined to share and enhance the facilitation of online instruction and learning via Blended Learning (BL) and Blended Online Learning (BOL) Modalities (see BOL workshops on WikiEducator and IT4ALL.
Back up plan: Elluminate
Recording Information:If you were unable to attend/access the conference please view the [recording ][4] The PowerPoint is available on [GoogleDocs][[5] to view also.

Virtual Office

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Please Note: Change of presenter/Change of Date/time :)

Title: Creation of a virtual office for SPELD Manawatu.
Date: 1st December 2009 Time: 2pm
Facilitator:Heather Moran (h.moran@ucol.ac.nz)
Duration: 20 mins
Presenter:Mark Leonard Jones
'Venue':UPDATED DimDim (meeting room name: foc09heather )
Description:Mark is a UCOL BICT third year student embarking on a final industry project designing and implementing a virtual office for the Manawatu branch of Speldnz. Speldnz is a not for profit organisation that provides information, assessment and tuition to families, whanau, schools, businesses and individuals living with Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Disabilities.

Back Up Plan: googlegroups email for cancellation if Dimdim doesnt work!

Making the transition

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Title: Making the transition first steps from static materials to interactive online resources.
Date: Thursday 10th December 14.00 NZ - world times here
Duration: 1 hour
Facilitator: Debra Robertson-Welsh [6]
Presenters: Three presenters from the Manukau Institute of Technology, Learning Technology Centre: Erle, Cameron and Lisa.
Venue: Wimba
Description: The presenters will give examples of how they have taken static teaching materials and converted them into interactive and online resources.
Back up Plan: Elluminate
Participation needed:Please put forward any area of interest that you would like the team to cover. If you have any items for discussion regarding making the move to using online communities for teaching and learning please send them to DebrarwUser_talk:Debrarw

Personal Learning Networks

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Title: Discover your personal learning network
Date: Tuesday 17th November 8pm NZ - world times here
Duration: 40 mins
Facilitators: Rosanne Wilson (rose.glenn@xtra.co.nz)
Presenter: Anton Pienaar is a Senior Instructional Designer at e-Blended Learning Solutions (e-BLS) in New Plymouth. He has been involved internationally in the design and implementation of learning, teaching and assessment online. He holds an MA in Higher Education with a specialisation in E-learning in Higher Education and Learning Management Systems. He is a passionate teacher, having taught from high school level to post-graduate level. Anton has presented at several international conferences and is specifically researching the phenomenon of asynchronous communication online and its real influence on learning.
Venue: *DimDim
Description: We will be discussing personal learning networks and what they are. You will discover (if you haven't already) your own PLN. To prepare for this meeting please look at Joyce seitzinger's blog *[7]. She discusses PLNs on her blog. She also did an excellent presentation at eFest on PLNs as well. When you enter the DimDim meeting room can you please use your first name as an identifier. Please also make sure your audio is functioning. Finally, there will be a small incentive prize for the person with the best participation in the meeting.
Back up plan: A second meeting will be held on Thursday 19th November 8.30pm ONLY if the session fails.--Rosannew 08:01, 10 November 2009 (UTC)
Recording of meeting. Access the DimDim recording of the meeting. [8] Access the DimDim chat transcript of the meeting. [9]

Blogging for Preschoolers

[edit | edit source]

Date: Monday 30 November 6pm NZ - world times here
Facilitator: Adrienne Moyle (adrienne_moyle@yahoo.com)
Presenters: Beverly Kaye and Tania Coutts.
Venue: Elluminate http://elluminate.tekotago.ac.nz/index.html and click on Facilitating Online Communities 2009
Description: Beverly and Tania have been doing amazing things with blogs at Manaia Kindergarten in Northland. Hear about their action research project and how blogging has influenced the children's learning. Questions and discussion welcome.
Back up plan: Should there be any problems with Elluminate at the Otago FOC09 meeting, we will move the meeting to Adrienne's Elluminate 30 day trial meeting room at http://www.elluminate.com/trial/p.go?pk=RHWefrsrU4XVPDCl. I will email basic user guides out with the session invitations, and will open the meeting half an hour early to assist newcomers to Elluminate to become familiar with the tools.
Link to recording:http://elluminate.tekotago.ac.nz/play_recording.html?recordingId=1244766870485_1259552835472

Implementing blogs as a effective e-learning tool

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Title: Implementing blogs as a effective e-learning tool
Date: Asynchronous event (2 week period from 16th Nov 09 to 30th Nov 09)
Facilitator:Meena Adhikari (madhikar@manukau.ac.nz)
Presenter: Jagadish Ghimire (connect.jaggu@gmail.com)
Venue:Visit my BLOG Mini Event for more details and begin discussion.

Description: Discussing blogs as a knowledge sharing,reflective,asynchronous tool for debate.The You Tube video link in my blog contains presentation on using blogs in a learning environment.It discusses the potential benefits and downsides to it.At the end, it will come down to what suits who, and if learning outcomes can be met with blogs in a online setup.Please post feedback through comments, and myself or the Guest SPeaker will get back to you as soon as we can.

Asynchronous activity transcript : EVENT BLOG

Learning outcomes fromthe event : Reflections

Cheers Meena

--Meena 21:17, 16 November 2009 (UTC)

Using the Webex on-line conference tool

[edit | edit source]

Guest Speaker: Eric Kwok

Type: On-line conference

Venue: Webex Conference room. See instructions below

Facilitator: hcarpentier@gmail.com

Date and time: Monday 30th November 2009, 14:00 (2pm), NZ time or Monday, 30th November 2009 at 01:00 UTC/GMT. Use [10] to convert to your local time zone.

What will be covered:

-the WEBEX conference tool.

-Experience of using an online meeting tool.

The presenter will be Eric Kwok, Technical Manager, AsiaPac, Cisco System. Eric is based in Hong Kong and has been working for Cisco System for 8 years. He is Technical Manager for the Cisco Networking Academy Program. Eric is using Webex daily.

To join this session

1. Go to Webex

2. Enter your name and email address.

3. Enter the session password: cisco

4. Click "Join Now".

5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

If you encounter any technical issues,

for the FC09 group

-I will be logged in the Google group/Google mail/Skype (text only)

for participant non members the FC09 group

-I will be at the same time keeping an eye on the comments for this post.

Backup plan:

I have used Webex for more than 5 years and have had no experience of it crashing/not being available. If however we encounter a major setback (technical or otherwise), I will aim to reschedule the session fast. It does not make sense to talk about a tool without using it.

Looking forward to your company on the day !

The recording of this session is now available on [11]

ePortfolio : 3 step reflective framework

[edit | edit source]

Guest Speaker: Bronwyn Hegarty

V e n u e : eLluminate, back-up skype

Date and time : November 30, 2009 @ 8:00 PM(NZ)

Facilitator : Rosceli Valdrez email me at rosceli.valdrez@gmail.com

You are cordially Invited

visit my blog for more info http://roscelifacilitatingonlinecommunities.blogspot.com/2009_11_01_archive.html

See you there...

Resources that may be used for the mini conference

[edit | edit source]
  • Tinychat - killian sibajene free chat room that also uses audio video conference
  • Skype - free conference call (better for small groups)
  • DimDim - free web conference, similar to Elluminate. Sarah Stewart's review of DimDim.
  • Second Life - virtual world
  • WiZiQ - free virtual classroom, similar to Elluminate
  • mikogo - free screen sharing / online meeting
  • Vyew - free screen sharing / online meeting
  • WebIQ - as mentioned by Leigh during the meeting on 14/10

Information that may be of interest

[edit | edit source]

This is a great wiki resource with practical tips on how to facilitate online meetings/sessions. The wiki is called " synchfacilitation" - recommended by Alison Miller.

Live Webcast: The Top 10 Tips for Successful Webcasts: Friday, August 21, 2009 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT / 5:00 PM GMT Click here for more information.

Will Videoconferencing Kill Business Class Travel?

Brilliant tips from Nancy White on how to facilitate an online meeting: Teleconference Call Tips

Great advice: Learn the secret of a great web meeting.

Where Rubber Meets Road: Real Experiences Transitioning To Virtual Workshops by Julia Young, 10 November 2009

Where Rubber Meets Road (2): Six Traps to Avoid When Designing Your First Virtual Workshop by Julia Young, 12 November 2009

More work by Nancy White: http://www.fullcirc.com/wp/2009/12/30/my-old-online-facilitation-workshop-materials

How To Build An Online Community [12]

Facilitating online. The Centre for Educational Technology at the University of Cape Town.

Enhancing online collaboration - ppt

Enhancing online collaboration - manual

ReadWriteWeb. Guide to Online Community Management [13]

Difference between a network and community - [14]

Past conferences

[edit | edit source]

FO08 - This conference program is better viewed on Wikieducator, where the 2008 course was held