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This appendix is part of an incomplete bibliography of English Law. This page is an index of legal topics. There is also an index of authors.

Bibliographies and other works containing bibliographic information[edit]

  • Borchard. Guide to the Law and Legal Literature of Germany. 1912. [12]
  • Palmer. Guide to the Law and Legal Literature of Spain. 1915. [13]
  • Borchard. Guide to the Law and Legal Literature of Argentina, Brazil and Chile. 1917. [14]

Law library catalogues

  • Catalogue of the Library of the Inner Temple. 1806. 1821. 1833. 1843.
  • Catalogue of the Library of Gray's Inn. Edition: 1872. Supplements: 1874, 1878, 1888, 1906.
  • Catalogue of the Library of Lincoln's Inn. 1835. 1859.
  • Catalogue of the Library of the College of Advocates in Doctors' Commons. London. 1818. 1827. 1848. 1856. 1858. 1861.
  • Catalogue of the Library of the Law Society. Editions: 1841, 1851, 1869, 1891, 1906. Supplements: 1894, 1898.
  • A Catalogue of the Law Books in the Advocates Library. 1831. [15]
  • Catalogue of the Library of the Law School of Harvard University. 1909.

Bookseller's catalogues

  • Stevens and Sons. A Catalogue of Modern Law Books. 1848 [16]. 1864 [17]. No 9: 1869 [18]. No 11: 1871 [19]
  • Butterworths General Catalogue of Law Books. 1850. [20]
  • Maxwell's Catalogue of Law Books. 1826. [21]

Works containing discussion of the contents, merits, etc., of some or all of the publications they list

Catalogues, etc., which do not provide commentary on the publications they list


See w:List of encyclopedias by branch of knowledge#Law and w:Category:Encyclopedias of law. General encyclopedias may be relevant; see w:List of encyclopedias.


See w:Law dictionary and w:Category:Law dictionaries


See q:Category:Law and government

  • Norton-Kyshe. The Dictionary of Legal Quotations. 1904.
  • McNamara. Ragbag of Legal Quotations. Review: [22]
  • Cook. A Treasury of Legal Quotations. Review: [23]
  • James and Stebbings. A Dictionary of Legal Quotations. Review: [24]
  • Shapiro. The Oxford Dictionary of American Legal Quotations. Reviews: [25] [26]


See w:Law review and w:List of law journals

Google Books:

  • editions:2fgTbiMOZXwC
  • editions:rHBz_rVGdRsC
  • editions:ok7AHvM8-IIC
  • editions:fjYOqWk5q1kC

Sources of law[edit]


Collections of statutes; tables and idexes

  • The "Alphabetical Table of Statutes" (from 1707 onwards) in certain volumes of Current Law Statutes
  • Blackstone's Statutes (formerly Blackstone's Statute Books)
  • Routledge Student Statutes
  • Butterworth's Handbooks
  • Butterworth's Twentieth Century Statutes (continuation of Butterworth's Statutes) - 30 LQR 248
  • Chitty's Statutes of Practical Utility - 30 LQR 118
  • Keen, Local Legislation, 1913 - 30 LQR 514

Many law books contain a table of statutes referred to in the volume.

Google Books and Internet Archive

Public Bills

  • editions:Audmdw1ZNhcC
  • editions:DQFPF3UM8rAC
  • editions:tkCnz5fHQqkC
  • editions:PsxY3j7rEUgC
  • editions:4ZMw5RMM5BgC

Other works

  • Bennion. Statute Law.
  • Bennion. Statutory Interpretation.
  • Miers and Page. Legislation.
  • Craies on Statute Law. 1911. (formerly Hardcastle on Statutory Law). 1892. Now Craies on Legislation.
  • Maxwell on Statutes
  • Cross on Statutory Interpretation
  • The Law Commission. The Interpretation of Statutes. Law Com 21. 1969.
  • Ilbert. Legislative Methods and Forms. Oxford. 1901.
  • Evans. Statutory Interpretation.
  • Dale. Legislative Drafting: A New Approach.

Law reports[edit]

See w:Case citation, w:Nominate reports and w:Law report

Citators, digests, lists of cases

  • Current Law Citator
  • The Digest (formerly the English and Empire Digest)
  • Mew's Digest

Many law books contain a table of cases referred to in the volume.

Criminal law[edit]


Offences against the person

  • Fourteenth Report of the Criminal Law Revision Committee

Offences against property

  • Eighth and Thirteenth Reports of the Criminal Law Revision Committee
  • Griew, The Theft Acts 1968 and 1978

Sexual offences

  • Fifthteenth Report of the Criminal Law Revision Committee
  • Rook and Ward on Sexual Offences


  • Clerk and Lindsell on Torts
  • Winfield and Jolowicz on Tort



  • Chitty on Contracts


  • Snell's Principles of Equity
  • De Smith's Judicial Review of Administrative Action
  • Fordham's Handbook of Judicial Review

Land law[edit]

  • Megarry and Wade. The Law of Real Property


  • Inns of Court School of Law. Drafting. Fifth Edition. Blackstone Press. 2000. ISBN 1841740624.
  • Inns of Court School of Law. Opinion Writing. Fifth Edition. Blackstone Press. 2000. ISBN 1841740632.


See w:Legal biography

  • Debretts' House of Commons and Judicial Bench
  • Men at the Bar
  • Lives of Eminent Serjeants-at-law of the English Bar, 1869, vols 1 and 2. Contains biographies of 58 serjeants-at-law. Google Books:
    • editions:7u0w_AcY7zsC
    • editions:i_SAN31GvBkC
  • Other biographical sources for lawyers. The Inner Temple

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