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Design Process[1]

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  • Aerodynamics[2]: is the study of how air flows around the airplane. By studying the way air flows around the plane the engineers can define the shape of the plane. The wings, the tail, and the main body or fuselage of the plane all affect the way the air will move around the plane.
  • Propulsion: is the study of how to design an engine that will provide the thrust that is needed for a plane to take off and fly through the air. The engine provides the power for the airplane. The study of propulsion is what leads the engineers to determine the right kind of engine and the right amount of power that a plane will need
  • Materials and Structures: is the study of what materials are to be used on the plane and in the engine and how those materials make the plane strong enough to fly effectively. The choice of materials that are used to make the fuselage wings, tail and engine will affect the strength and stability of the plane. Many airplane materials are now made out of composites, materials that are stronger than most metals and are lightweight.
  • Stability and Control: is the study of how to control the speed, direction, altitude and other conditions that affect how a plane flies. The engineers design the controls that are needed in order to fly and instruments are provided for the pilot in the cockpit of the plane. The pilot uses these instruments to control the stability of the plane during flight.
  • Crash Test/Safety Checks: A crash test is a form of destructive testing usually performed in order to ensure safe design standards in crashworthiness and crash compatibility for various modes of transportation or related systems and components[3].

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