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Delivery Drone - Combined with Mapping
Blimps in Comparison to Drones

Drones equipped with a camera can be flying a track to cover a certain area with images.

  • (2D) The collected images can be concatenated in a twodimensional space to create a single image of the covered area.
  • (3D) with a collected images and the application of Photogrammetry a 3D map of the covered area can be generated.

Learning Task[edit | edit source]

  • (Photogrammetry) Analyse the methodology of Photogrammetry and explain how 3D map can be generated from a set of twodimensional images!
  • (Comparision with Remote Sensing with Satellites) Explain how drone mapping and satellite images can be used for mapping. Compare these approaches and describe the PROs and CONs of the technology!
  • Analyse the Open Source Software OpenDroneMap and describe the basic components that are required for generation of a 3D point cloud.
  • (360 Degree Images) Analyse the Open Source Software Hugin that is able to create a 360 degree panorama image from a set of snapshots with an ordinary camera. What are similarities and differences between those approaches?
  • Compare the application of blimps (see image) with drones for the mapping of a specific area. What are PROs and CONS of both technologies?
  • (Delivery of Goods) Drones can be used to delivery of goods e.g. in emergency cases! What are the benefits and challenges to combine two objectives into one drone? (e.g. for planning the upcoming support and response activities in a disaster management cycle?
  • (Other Camera Types on Drones) Remote Sensing on satellites can also other camera like use x-Ray cameras for rain radar. Assume you equip a drone with an infrared camera. What can be detected during night with those images? Can animals in their habitat be detected with infrared cameras on drones. Explain how the technology works!

Remark[edit | edit source]

This learning resource follows the Open Community Approach and applies Open Source software for performing the learning tasks.

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