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Counterpoint is two intertwining melodies in a song. It is still occasionally seen today and is considered a major piece of information in better understanding such topics like harmony. This course will deal with most things dealing with counterpoint.

Counterpoint learners should have knowledge of basic music theory and notation. This includes having knowledge of the circle of fifths, intervals, elementary composition and knowing multiple years of an instrument. This course is meant for college students.

A single bar from "Fugue No.17 in A flat", BWV 862, displaying contrapuntal polyphony.

Units[edit | edit source]

  1. What is counterpoint?
  2. Individual voices
  3. First species counterpoint
  4. Second species counterpoint
  5. Third species counterpoint
  6. Fourth species counterpoint
  7. Fifth species counterpoint (florid counterpoint)
  8. Three Voices
  9. Four Voices
  10. Five Voices
  11. Free counterpoint
  12. Atonal counterpoint

School of Music

Beginner | Novice | Advanced | Expert | Introduction | Theory | Composition | Jazz | Ear Training

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