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This page is used to list various projects related to the Department of Biblical Studies. The first section lists projects that are yet unstarted, the second section lists projects that are in-process, and the third section lists projects that have been (more or less) completed. Before starting a project, or otherwise using this page, please check out the talk page for tips on how to edit this page.

Unstarted Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Study of Genesis/Creation versus Evolution
    This is indended to be a single-page supplement to my (User:Opensourcejunkie) study of Genesis. What I'm looking for is a list of arguments for/against Creation as well as a list of arguments for/against Evolution. The arguments should cite sources, and a neutral POV would be nice. The following is a list of active participants in this project:
    • (none)

Projects In-Process[edit | edit source]

Topic:New Testament Greek

Completed Projects[edit | edit source]