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LateroVentral Prefrontal Cortex Connections[edit | edit source]

Although this is still speculative, it is thought that different parts of the LateroVentral Prefrontal Cortex, respond to different frequencies. Although scientists are sure that the mechanism does not work like a radio tuner, because the signals do not resonate in frequency bands like radio waves do, there is still some argument about the ability of the prefrontal cortex to select signals resonating with a specific GSO. However this might still be a useful model, in that the idea of frequency rejection would allow the LateroVentral Prefrontal cortex to select clusters of neural outputs based on bottom-up activation patterns, simply by rejecting anything that didn't share the target frequency.

It would do so by suppression of anything that isn't the particular GSO frequency of that cluster.

An alternate model, which might be even more controverial but would explain the GSO synchronization was if the LateroVentral PreFrontal Cortex selected on a baais of Synchronization with a reference frequency rather than on the frequency itself.

It is interesting to note that the LateroVentral Prefrontal cortex, is linked to the Supplementary Motor Area This area is involved in sequencing and recovery of learned sequences of activity. Since this area of the prefrontal cortex is not involved in the actual performance of the motor activities, it seems likely that it is a prepratory stage, or access stage that allows us to access sequences of activity, without actually performing them. One way of looking at this, is that it allows us to select from among multiple action sequences, one to perform.