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The Corpus Collosum and other Commissures[edit]

There are four separate bundles of connections between the two hemispheres of the brain, The one at the front of the brain is called the Corpus Collosum, and it has been the target of intervention in an attempt to treat schizophrenia. Because of its frontal location it is possible to reach it through the nose, Which is why it was severed in an attempt to limit the cross talk between the two sides of the brain that was thought to cause schizophrenia. Since then we have learned that schizophrenia is a breakdown in the function of Agency, not caused by cross talk between the two sides of the brain. People who had Lobotomies were not cured of schizophrenia, they just lost the ability to co-ordinate the two sides of their brain. The other three commissures are the Anterior Commissure, the Posterior Commisure and the Hippocampal Commissure.

Anterior Commissure[edit]

The Anterior Commissure connects the Temporal Lobes, the Amygdalas, and the Straite Cortexes of the two halves of the brain. It was at one time implicated in Homosexuality, but that interpretation did not hold up to scrutiny.

Posterior Commissure[edit]

The Posterior Commissure connects the Posterior Nucleus Commissure, possibly the Posterior part of the thalamus, and maybe even the superior collicus, it has been noted to have an effect on the normal pupillary response to light, that is often used to detect signs of concussion. Since damage to it, destroys the natural link between the pupils, noted in concussion.

Hippocampal Commissure[edit]

The Hippocampal Commissure or Commissure of the Fornix connects the two hippocampus organs across the midline of the brain, just behind the Corpus Collosum. It is part of a fornix connection called the lyra, because it resembles a triangular harp.

The Corpus Collosum[edit]

Connects the frontal lobes of the brain, right behind the prefrontal cortex. It is by far the largest of the commissures.

One impact that these links accross between the sides of the brain indicate is that the idea of a single central network, as suggested in the Global Workspace Model, is unlikely, and a probable oversimplification of the actual connectiveness of the brain.