Artificial Consciousness/Neural Correlates/Inter-Organ Connection Models/OrbitoFrontal cortex Connections

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OrbitoFrontal Prefrontal Cortex Connections[edit]

If the LateroVentral PFC is linked with the SMA, the OrbitoFrontal PFC is linked with the limbic system and the Self-Image. It is thought that part of the role of the OrbitoFrontal PFC, is to suppress activities that do not link well with our self-image, or do not meet our emotional needs.

If the Right Hemisphere function is to model the self, and the results of the activities, the Left Hemisphere function would be to choose only those tasks that fit the self-image, and were likely to achieve the best results. This is likely tied up in the goal management role of the PFC.

Anything passed by the OrbitoFrontal PFC, would be tagged with the sense of self, involved in making the decision to do it, which is an important part of Agency. It is the breakdown of this sense of self, or the ability to model ourselves as having done something that breaks part of the Agency feedback and makes acknowlegement of responsibility difficult.

The other side of Agency, however is the log of having done the task, which when tested against the feeling that we couldn't possibly be responsible often reasserts agency we didn't remember.