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Remember cyclothymia!

Welcome! This is the Wiki home page for the Bipolar Special Interest Group. We are a special interest group of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies.

The Bipolar Disorders SIG welcomes members who are focused on the etiology and treatment of bipolar spectrum disorders. The members cover the developmental course of bipolar disorder, from juvenile to adult bipolar disorder, and span interests in assessment, clinical description, culture, outcomes, risk factors, and treatment models. This SIG has a particular investment in providing a nurturing atmosphere for idea exchange, and a forum to help promote the development of junior scientists.

Here is a link to GoogleDoc notepad for rapid updating (during meetings, etc.).

SIG leadership[edit | edit source]

Co-chairs: Amy West, PhD, and Victoria Cosgrove, PhD

Past co-chairs:

Lauren Weinstock, PhD, and Anna Van Meter, PhD

Lauren Alloy, PhD, and David Miklowitz, PhD

Sheri Johnson, PhD, and Eric Youngstrom, PhD

Listserv topics of interest[edit | edit source]

Meeting agendas[edit | edit source]

Materials[edit | edit source]

  • Bipolar SIG OSF login -- This is a section of the Open Science Foundation where we can post and share resources (and have more control over access privileges than on Wikiversity)
  • PEP materials
  • "Actigraphy Project" Party: A page to organize and analyze global datasets on actigraphy.

Publications of interest[edit | edit source]

Members and what we're working on[edit | edit source]

Name Expertise Grants/projects Recent publications
Lauren Weinstock Bipolar disorder and suicide Bipolar reliability paper in press
Sheri Johnson Reward, impulsivity and mania Bipolar disorder and creativity
Mary Fristad Nutritional and psychosocial interventions for childhood mood disorders Filtered and unfiltered mood ratings OATS trial results
Anna Van Meter Bipolar prodrome, sub-threshold presentations of pediatric bipolar disorder
  1. Harnessing the Circadian Rhythm: Identification and Intervention Prior to the Onset of Mood Disorder
  2. LovesCompany: Combating Emotional Disturbance in the Digital Age
Meta analysis on prevalence of bipolar disorder internationally; meta analysis of screening tools for bipolar disorder in adults
Mian-Li Ong Dissemination and implementation of evidence based-assessments via open sourced approaches, accuracy of hybrid approaches towards evidence based assessment for bipolar disorder
  1. Helping Give Away Psychological Science: Using Wikiversity to Build Resources for Teaching and Implementing Evidence Based Assessment and Treatment
  2. Using Wikiversity and Wikipedia to Increase Global Access to Evidence-Based Assessment in Psychology
Differential diagnosis papers on pediatric bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder and substance use disorder
Eric Youngstrom Assessment, Phenomenology, Statistics, early identification, dissemination, clinical decision-making Multiple Wiki related dissemination grants Meta-analyses of assessment scales; editing Guilford trilogy
David Miklowitz
Benjamin Goldstein
Tina Goldstein
Louisa Sylvia
Stephanie Salcedo

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