ABCT Bipolar SIG/Annual Meeting/2020

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2020 annual meeting: Philadelphia, PA[edit | edit source]

Business at the SIG Meeting[edit | edit source]

1. Presentation of Johnson-Youngstrom Poster Award[edit | edit source]

2. Dues[edit | edit source]

Dues are $20/year for faculty and students are requested to contribute what they can. Submit payment online via PayPal, to Lauren's GMail account (see email).

3. Follow-up from previous suggestions for improving listserv[edit | edit source]

  1. Create a list: Name, email, current projects
  2. When preparing talks, compile symposiums. SIG members could submit talks, and the SIG can compile symposiums and submit.
  3. Sending around information, job offers, etc
  4. Organizing ABCT bipolar SIG at ISBD

Next meeting is in Chicago in June; poster submissions due in January

  1. Build BD assessment battery matrix

Need a "water carrier" for this -- have multiple meta-analyses that would inform decisions.

  1. Recommendations for core measures for a standard, including neurocognition

4. Symposium submissions[edit | edit source]