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Lord Jesus think on me (Synesius of Cyrene)

1000 Songs

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Author[edit | edit source]

Synesius of Cyrene.373A.D-414A.D. Was a Greek bishop, and born of wealthy descent. Wrote Several hymns.

Translations/Challenges[edit | edit source]

The most common translation found today is the Hymn #320 from then Lutheran Hymnal. Hymn #320 was translated from the orignial text by Synisius by a man named Allen W. Chatfield. The music was composed to by William Daman. The title of this translation was called, "Mnoheo Christe", and was first published in the "Psalter".

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"Mnoheo Christe"

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Author biography[edit | edit source]

Syneius of Cyrene was bron in 373A.D. and died in 414 A.D. living only to be 41 years old. He was a Greek Bishop forPtolemais. While being a bishop he also worked some of his life as a tax collector which didn't help him with his social status in the community. He later became a Christian and devoted his time to his writings. To read more visit: Synesius of Cyrene.

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