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About the report (Fall 2016)[edit | edit source]

Each course not requires a term paper, or "report" as described in the syllabus. The preliminary report was originally "due" on Tuesday 8 November, but since I failed to remind the class, you may give me a preliminary draft on Thursday instead.

It won’t be difficult to get an 85%-90% grade on that report. If you hand in a draft on or before Thursday 10 November, I will give you a tentative grade before test 4. The purpose of your report is to develop material that improves this course. It can be proposed multiple choice questions, answers or explanations for questions already in the bank, or a serious start on a new learning unit. You may hand the report to me on the day of Test 3, email it to me, or submit it to the drop box.

According to the syllabus, the report counts as 5% of your grade (not 10% as I might have stated in class). For that reason, I would estimate that grade of 85% should take you about 4 hours of work. And, for report grades of 85% or less, I will be primarily judging by effort, if you show basic compentency. Grades higher than 85% will require that you make a useful contribution to this course. That is much more difficult to achieve.

How the preliminary reports were graded[edit | edit source]

First, I want to thank those who submitted a preliminary report. They were easy to grade because I explained that a reasonable effort would get an a score of 85%, and because these reports are only worth 5% of the total grade. The grade posted on Pilot over Thanksgiving break is guaranteed, even if you don't re-submit.

Most of the reports that received 85% can be increased simply by resubmitting them to the Pilot Dropbox using a format that will be explained on this page. Several of these reports contained useful content for improving this course, and it is possible that a few will even receive extra credit. While there is no limit to the amount of extra-credit available, few if any projects merit much beyond 100%. If you think you have something outstanding, present your project to me for an informal assessment before investing too much effort on it.

How to submit the final report[edit | edit source]

Scanning handwritten pages[edit | edit source]

You may hand in your final report either to the Pilot drop box, or on your log.S page on Wikiversity, or both. Your log.S page is the best way to submit, since that shows activity on Wikiversity, which I need.

Handwritten pages must be scanned for electronic submission, and there are three rooms with scanners on campus:

  • There are two scanners each in the backs of Rooms 183 and 185 that you can quietly use even if a class is in session (if no student is using it).
  • A scanner at the front of Room 196 cannot be used if someone is teaching.

If you use the log.S page[edit | edit source]

The ideal format is to submit a permalink to log.S page into the drop box. It would be either a word or pdf file, very brief with that permalink. To obtain the permalink:

  1. Make your log.S page perfect or "finished". It should be a brief readable document, using either <code>{{cot|description}} ... {{cob}}</code> to collapse text, or by submiting permalinks on your log.S file.
  2. To make a permalink
    1. Look on the left column menu for Tools>Permanent link. After you click permalink, your address (https:....) will contain "oldid...". That entire address is your permalink.
    2. Copy and paste the entire address into wikitext like this:https://en.wikiversity.org/w/index.php?title=Wright_State_University_Lake_Campus/Course_reports&oldid=1636564
  3. Grading scale:
    1. 85% score for any effort that represents a reasonable amount of time on task.
    2. From 85% to 100% requires that the effort be useful to the wiki program.
    3. Above 100% is possible, but much more than 120% needs to be coordinated before you do the effort.