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08-27T (week1) UP2-1-Charges and fields.[edit | edit source]

UP2-0-Overview UP2-1-Charges and fields. powerpoint pages 1-10

Lab[edit | edit source]

Inventory for Kits. Required Report to be done at home.

08-29R (week1)[edit | edit source]

UP2-1-Charges and fields powerpoint

09-03T (week2)[edit | edit source]

Finished UP2-1-Charges and fields powerpoint. Practice for Test Tue 10 Sep up2

Lab[edit | edit source]

Practice for test on Tues 10: https://pilot.wright.edu/d2l/le/content/517109/viewContent/2886956/View

09-05R (week2) UP2-2-Gauss Law[edit | edit source]

Start powerpoint UP2-2-Gauss Law powerpoint

09-10T (week3)[edit | edit source]

Test 1

Lab[edit | edit source]

Go over test?

Report longer than a half page.

Do assigned circuit

Make a quick circuit diagram.

Most important part: Document with greek letters.


Group reports encouraged.
You must do the assigned circuit, unless you choose to do no circuit.
Most of the time, you can do a report on something else.
Choices: Previous test or Area of a sphere using calculus.

These images illustrate the physics version of spherical coordinates on a globe (angular part only)]]

09-17T (week4) UP2-5-Current Resistance[edit | edit source]

09-19R (week4)[edit | edit source]

09-24T (week5) UP2-6-Direct-Current Circuits[edit | edit source]

09-26R (week5)[edit | edit source]

10-01T (week6) UP2-7-Magnetic forces and fields[edit | edit source]

10-03R (week6)[edit | edit source]

10-08T (week7)[edit | edit source]

Announce test next Tuesday:

Wright State University Lake Campus/2019-9/Phy 2410#UPCOMINGTues_15_October or


  1. Answer without using calculus
  2. Do a first order approximation (whisky-cigar w/o the cigar) and compare the answers.
  3. Can you define an intrinsic variable for the bent/wrinkled tape?

Set the radius at the free-throw be nominally R= 2m and let the tape width be W=4cm. Express all your equations using the symbols (R,W) in order to app

10-10R (week7)[edit | edit source]

Lab and Recitation Hours[edit | edit source]

  • Lab1 110 min
  • Rec 55 min
  • Lab2 110 min

Note that 275/5 = 55

55-10 = 45 minutes

Lets do projects and split into 5 groups
Lab1 45 min (X 2 shifts)
Rec 45 min
Lab2 45 min (X 2 shifts)

Halfway between 3:20 and 5:20 is 4:20

Two lab periods every day
3:20 - 4:20 You can come 15 minutes late or leave 15 min early.
4:20 - 5:20 You can come 15 minutes late or leave 15 min early.
Recitation group
5:30 - 6:25 You can come 10 minutes late or leave 10 min early.
We will have 5 groups
  1. Early Tuesday Lab
  2. Late Tuesday Lab
  3. Recitation Tuesday
  4. Early Thursday Lab
  5. Late Late Thursday Lab

Projects[edit | edit source]

The goal of each project is co-authorship on the Lake Campus Research Symposium

Conceptual technical writing[edit | edit source]
Optics and manufacturing[edit | edit source]
Radioactive decay, statistics, and computer programming[edit | edit source]
Mathematical physics[edit | edit source]
  1. Why is useful if not true
  2. Generalizing the Taylor expansion to two dimensions
  3. Calculating the area of a sphere and how that eventually led to a precise definition of temperature and entropy
Creating exam questions[edit | edit source]
Mechanics, music and measurement of time[edit | edit source]
Gridion pendulum and properties of materials[edit | edit source]
Physics 1110 labs[edit | edit source]
  1. Force table w Escel and error analysis
  2. Stretching a long string
  3. Others are possible

Charge due to a slab of charge[edit | edit source]


1 A cylinder of radius, R, and height H has a uniform charge density of . The height is much less than the radius: H << R. The electric field at the center vanishes. What formula describes the electric field at a distance, z, on axis from the center if z > H/2?

d) none of these are correct

2 A cylinder of radius, R, and height H has a uniform charge density of . The height is much less than the radius: H << R. The electric field at the center vanishes. What formula describes the electric field at a distance, z, on axis from the center if z < H/2?

b) none of these are correct

10-15T (week8)[edit | edit source]

Start lab schedule[edit | edit source]

  • Unless I change my mind, you are all allowed to do this lab by doing an assigned lab and the report. The only complication is that I might not have enough "traditional" labs for you to do. I might be forced to make you do one of my projects on one or two lab sessions.
For that reason, I need a list of people who wish to do a project leading to a symposium poster.
  • There is a shortage of people who want to do the Thursday late lab (4:25-5:20) due to a difficult class that follows. We will devote that time-slot to a project related to materials, and set aside time for study if you have an exam just after the test.
  • I have two "engineering projects":
  1. Upside down goggles
  2. Gridiron pendulum: wikipedia:Gridiron pendulum and also Lake Campus Gridiron page

10-17R (week8) up-?=Electromagnetic induction[edit | edit source]

10-22T (week9) Test[edit | edit source]

Tues 22 October covers an old practice test:[edit | edit source]

10-24R (week9)[edit | edit source]

Field theory summary[edit | edit source]



w:Magnetostatics and w:Magnetic_field

10-29T (week10)[edit | edit source]

10-31R (week10)[edit | edit source]

  1. https://phet.colorado.edu/sims/html/charges-and-fields/latest/charges-and-fields_en.html
  2. https://www.falstad.com/emstatic/ Two dimensional
  3. https://web.iit.edu/sites/web/files/departments/academic-affairs/academic-resource-center/pdfs/Amperes_law.pdf

11-05T (week11)[edit | edit source]

Quizbankqb d cp2.12.pdf

We will do 7 problems from File:Quizbankqb d cp2.12.pdf

  • and the volume integral , where is current density.
  • is Ampere's law relating a closed integral involving magnetic field to the total current enclosed by that path.

11-07R (week11)[edit | edit source]

11-12T (week12)[edit | edit source]

11-14R (week12)[edit | edit source]

11-19T (week13)[edit | edit source]

11-21R (week13)[edit | edit source]

11-26T (week14)[edit | edit source]

12-03T (week15)[edit | edit source]