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OpenStax University Physics Volume 1

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Test 2 Prep[edit | edit source]

T 2/6/18[edit | edit source]

Ping pong/air drag?

W 2/7/18[edit | edit source]

On Tuesday, both groups traded places and wrote group reports on the rolling ping pong ball and on the motion detector. That class chose not to have each group repeat the other's experiments because they felt the inter-group reports were sufficient. Does this lab want to do the same?

Watched Newton's Dark secrets?

R 2/8/18[edit | edit source]

Ping Pong/Air drag?

F 2/9/18[edit | edit source]

See Wright_State_University_Lake_Campus/2018-1/Ping_pong_air_drag. Went through calculation.

M 2/12/18[edit | edit source]

Worked on Test 2: friction and uniform circular motion.

T-R 2/13-15/18[edit | edit source]

  • Advertisement for my open source wikibank of exam questions: This is an excellent page but it is not properly licensed for general use. And, contributions to extend the size of this bank are not possible.
  • Exercises in drawing and utilizing free-body diagrams The Physics Teacher 37, 434 (1999); Skip 1 and 2. Write and solve numerical problems for 3-6. Make it a test question, that does not require a drawing (tough writing assignment). Submit the questions electronically to Pilot as individual reports. Submit the solutions (groups OK) on blanck typing paper, with your name(s) along the top inch margin, and "Public Domain" somewhere on the page.

W 2/14/18[edit | edit source]

where the tilde refers to g, ρ and R is weird units: Each is unity for the Earth.

The dancer's floating illusion:What part of the dancer's body moves in a parabolic orbit?

M 2/19/18 (Test 3 material)[edit | edit source]

W 2/21/18 (Test 3 material)[edit | edit source]

  • 1418173 to a08linearMomentumCollisions

CPR[edit | edit source]

Calibrated_Peer_Review and cpr.molsci.ucla.edu

Ping Pong[edit | edit source]

M 3/5/18[edit | edit source]

Test 3: OpenStax Ch10 Fixed Axis Rotation

T[edit | edit source]

W 3/7/18 Test 2:[edit | edit source]

File:Wright State Lake Campus phy2400 T2 equation sheet.pdf Equation sheet will be given to you at the time of the test.

Test 3 Prep[edit | edit source]

M 3/12/18[edit | edit source]

T 3/13/18[edit | edit source]




2===M 3/5/18=== 2===T 3/6/18=== 2test===W 3/7/18===

M 3/19[edit | edit source]

Line integrals.

T 3/20[edit | edit source]

Formula sheet: OpenStax equations/University physics/Mechanics

after test 2

Before Test 3[edit | edit source]

3===R 3/8/18=== 3===F 3/9/18=== 3===M 3/12/18=== 3===T 3/13/18=== 3===W 3/14/18=== 3===R 3/15/18=== 3===F 3/16/18=== 3===M 3/19/18=== 3===T 3/20/18=== 3===W 3/21/18=== 3===R 3/22/18=== 3===F 3/23/18=== 2===M 3/26/18=== 2===T 3/27/18=== 3test===

Before Test4[edit | edit source]

R 4/12/18[edit | edit source]

Error propagation formula for simple power with one variable.

The error (uncertainty) in x has a porportionality with the error in f(x) if f=Ax^n. The error can be calculated by comparing f(x) with f(x+dx). Faster? way: df/f=ndx/x (obtained after algebra)

4===F 4/13/18=== 4===M 4/16/18=== 4===T 4/17/18=== 4test===

after test 4

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