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Things you can get started doing[edit | edit source]

  • Begin the filmmaking courses.
  • Add or tweak some notes at a course portal. The School of History is now seeking students! The School of Mathematics is now seeking students: School of Mathematics:Calculus.
  • Tweak a random text for readability.
  • Create an interesting topic portal.
  • Create a random lesson plan.
  • Assemble an initial list of links useful to others interested in the topic.
  • Add an outline bullet
  • Add a factual paragraph or bullet to an article or its associated discussion page.
  • Publish an essay question and answer or a term paper at an appropriate location.
  • Write a draft quiz regarding a random Wikipedia article or other subject of interest and publish it as an appropriate link in a learning trail.
  • Review the standards of educational standards organisations.
  • Publish your course notes (Students please note that the copyright of handouts belongs to their creators and permission is required prior to submittal. Personal notes with short quotes compliant with fair use provisions of U.S. Copyright law, short quotes and citations, created to study the course material are very welcome. It is exactly what we wish to edit mercilessly and improve to leave behind published under the GFDL for others to encounter along the learning trails.), lesson plans, topical essays, or reference works for others to review, modify or fork.
  • Come discuss how to improve Wikiversity at our current mailing list.
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Keeping track of discussions[edit | edit source]

How do you know when someone has replied to a comment or a question you left on a Wikiversity discussion page? Be sure to add pages you are interested in to your watch list. Either use the "watch" button or set your user preferences to automatically add pages you edit to your watch list. Periodically check your watch list to keep track of changes to pages you previously edited.

You can also obtain RSS or Atom feeds for changes to any Wikiversity page. Go to the article's history page and use the toolbox link labeled "rss" to subscribe to this feed. See this Wikipedia article for more information.

Find a course[edit | edit source]

Browse the learning resources listed at Wikiversity Portals or the various Wikiversity Schools.