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You can help develop this proposal, share your thoughts, or discuss its adoption as a Wikiversity policy, guideline, or process. References or links should describe this page as a "proposal".

Wikimedia contributors have the option to remain anonymous, by choosing a pseudonym as their user name. This choice needs to be respected by other Wikimedia participants.

When addressing or referring to Wikimedia contributors on Wikiversity, always use their pseudonym unless they have explicitly given permission to refer to them by their real name. Wikiversity participants may declare their preference on Wikiversity or on another Wikimedia Foundation website. Wikiversity participants may address or refer to people of interest by their real name in learning projects – such as a biography style learning project – but may not connect that name to a Wikimedia pseudonym. Conversely, when discussing a Wikimedia editor as part of a learning project that studies Wikimedia itself, they should always be referred to by their pseudonym rather than their real-life identity, even if this connection has been made elsewhere (such as on an external website).

In cases where making the connection between a real identity and a pseudonym is absolutely necessary for educational purposes, Wikiversity contributors can ask for permission on the contributor's home project talk page. In cases where permission is not received, but the connection is felt to be important enough to ask for an exception to this policy, participants may open a discussion on Community Review describing the need (but not making the connection between pseudonym and and real identity in the process of doing so).

Contributions which violate the spirit or intent of this policy may be reverted, deleted or oversighted. Wikiversity contributors who continue to violate the spirit or intent of this policy after being warned may be blocked to prevent further violations.