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Welcome to Wikiversity. There is a chance that you are blocked from editing Wikiversity through no fault of your own. Please read the following information in order to understand why you are blocked from editing and what to do about it.

What is an open proxy and how does it work?[edit source]

Generally, a proxy server allows users within a network group to store and forward internet services such as Domain Name System or web pages so that the bandwidth used by the group is reduced and controlled. With an "open" proxy, however, any user on the Internet is able to use this forwarding service.

By utilizing some open proxies (the so-called "anonymous" open proxies), users can conceal their true IP address from the accessed service, and this is sometimes used to abuse or interrupt that service, potentially violating its terms of service or the law; open proxies are therefore often seen as a problem. However, anonymous open proxies are also used to increase anonymity or security when browsing the web or using other internet services: a user's true IP address can be used to deduce information about that user and to crack (computer security) into his or her computer. Furthermore, open proxies can be used to circumvent efforts at Internet censorship by governments or organizations. Several web sites exist which provide constantly updated lists of open proxies.

If you have been blocked as an open proxy, please see Meta:WikiProject on open proxies/Help:blocked.

Open Proxies, Zombie machines, and Tor exit nodes are generally blocked on Wikimedia projects due to abuse by trolls and vandals. This policy has been in place since February 2004, you may read more about it at this meta page.

Members[edit source]

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Alerts[edit source]

If you suspect an IP is an open proxy, list it below for checking
See also Wikipedia:Open proxy detection

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