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This is a summary of an IRC meeting on 7th June, 2008 to discuss learning on Wikiversity - a log is also available.

Major themes[edit]

  • SB_Johnny presented experiences of the Bloom Clock - essentially that initiatives require time to get going, are often lonely efforts for a substantial period of time, and that they often require someone knowledgeable to get started. There was less clarity about how to facilitate people to form (learning) projects when people do not know much about the subject (or, indeed, wikis). Ideas for new clocks and how to extend the ideas and/or functionality of the bloom clock were also discussed.
  • Models for learning - what models of 'learning'/'development of learning resources' exist, and how can we evaluate what is working?
  • Documenting models - we have Learning by doing and Collective learning - what other resources do we need to enable people to see how they can learn, and how they can facilitate other people's learning?
  • "Too much to read" - how can we keep the documentation of Wikiversity as compact as possible to make it clearer how Wikiversity works, and how it can be used/modified? Is there a way of harnessing the welcome message template towards this end?

Action arising[edit]