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The purpose of the Wikiversity curriculim committee is to develop guidelines to support the organization of Wikiversity resources. When Wikiversity was founded, there were many ideas as to how to organize the site, and all ideas were followed here and there, and the result is that new users often have no clue as to how to do what they want to do, in a way that enhances Wikiversity content, rather than simply increasing the apparent disorganization.

The goal of organizational structure is to enhance efficiency and access, not to control content, per se. The guidelines we develop will generally guide where to place content, rather than what content may be created here. As a side-effect, the presentation of Wikiversity content through Topic and School pages will become much more reliable and complete, and full courses will be developed using already-existing and scattered pieces as elements and inspirations.

Because the goal here is to discover or create consensus, Abd suggests that participants and other users look at WV:Assembly and register a "proxy" on Wikiversity:Delegable proxy/Table. That is totally optional, but it may allow us to develop a sense of how representative we are of the general Wikiversity community, or it will be, at worst, harmless. We will still submit whatever we develop to the general community through a site message.

Committee participants[edit source]

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Schools and courses[edit source]

Schools are communities with participants. There should be a relatively small number of schools that cover the overlying categories of subjects. Schools' subjects may overlap. (For instance math is used in science, and economics). Specific courses, equivalent to a course in a university or school catalog, and found in mainspace, may be linked from more than one school. It is possible that there is more than one course on some topic, because courses may be taught from a perspective depending on the school involved. Science courses for humanities majors may be taught differently from science for science majors. In the subpage linked below, we begin to explore a possible overarching school structure.

Schools also define curricula, for some goal. It's seeming that curricula are generally covered by Portals, here. But we are beginning with School structure, as a possible foundation for overall Wikiversity structure and organization.

Topics[edit source]