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This page allows bot operators to ask for approval to use a bot on the English-language Wikiversity.

Please read Wikiversity policy about bots first.

Bureaucrats are able to give and remove bot status using the Special:UserRights feature. Request are usually handled after about 7-10 days, to allow time for comments and questions from the community. If you do not receive a timely response to your request, feel free to leave a message on the talk page of a Bureaucrat.

Older status requests are Archived.

The wikicode below is a suggestion for formating a bot request:

=== BotName ===
* '''Bot name''': {{User|BotName}}
* '''Bot operator''': {{User|Name}}
* '''Automatic or manually assisted''': 
* '''Purpose of the bot''': 
* '''Edit period(s)''': 
* '''Programming language(s) (and API) used''': 
* '''Other projects that are already using this bot''': 
* '''Additional information''': 

Requests for bot status[edit]

Add new bot requests here