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See w:WP:BLP for the Wikipedia policy. Some of the concerns behind Wikipedia policy would also apply at Wikiversity. However, Wikiversity does not require notability for topics studied here. We may allow student work, and pages here do not have to be "right," if they are presented as a student's work rather than as confirmed, verifiable and verified fact.

This freedom should not be taken as a license to use Wikiversity to attack the reputation of living persons, in particular. Until we have a clear policy, we will need to address situations as they arise, ad hoc.

There has been extensive discussion of Wikipedia BLP policy on Wikiversity, much of it complaining about how Wikipedia biographies become battlegrounds between points of view. We will need to balance the increased freedom here with our responsibility to avoid defamation.

Categorization of biographies of living persons[edit source]

All biographies and biographical material on living persons should be categorized under Category:Biographies of living persons, so that special attention may be paid to them.