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Welcome to the Wikimedia Education Project Management course on Wikiversity, we are very happy you are joining us! To start familiarizing yourself with the course, check out the answers to these common questions below. Do you have a question that is not answered in this section? Leave it below or in the main Discuss page of the course!

What is this course about?

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This course is part of the Wikimedia Education Greenhouse, a pilot program led by the Education team at the Wikimedia Foundation. It was collaboratively created with members of the Wikimedia education community and staff from the Wikimedia Foundation to support Wikimedia education leaders to expand their knowledge about global education goals and their project management skills in order to bring their ideas to life and/or scale them into high-impact initiatives. Originally, this online course was launched in July 2019 through Moodle (an open source learning management system) for over 100 participants and it reached its completion on May 10, 2020. The purpose of this space on Wikiversity is to make the contents of the course available for the wider Wikimedia community interested in implementing education projects.

What kind of content and activities will I find?

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This course consists of three content units focused on different topics. Each unit is independent from each other and you can decide to complete all of them, or just one or two. In each unit you will find 4-5 modules. Each module contains a variety of learning materials (essays, videos, data analysis, etc.) and activities (quizzes, tasks, reflection prompts) that will help you deepen your understanding of the topics.

How long will it take me to complete each unit?

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We have designed this online course to be completely self-paced, this means that you have complete freedom over the dates and times you schedule to work on this course. The approximate time you will be investing is 5 hours per module, so about 20 - 25 hours per unit.

Will I receive any kind of learning recognition if I complete the course?

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The original online course launched through Moodle offered the participants the possibility to obtain online badges and a completion certificate after the full and timely completion of the required assignments. For our course on Wikiversity, we encourage you to create a space on your Wikimedia Sandbox, Google Docs, or Etherpad dedicated to answering the assignment prompts you will find in each unit. Throughout the course we will refer to this space as your "Course Portfolio" and we will refer to the prompts as "Course Portfolio Assignment". Documenting your progress in your Course Portfolio will allow you to have a final personal project to submit at the end of the course and qualify you to receive a learning recognition. We look forward to witnessing your learning journey!

I have a question about this course, who can I contact?

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Feel free to reach out to MGuadalupe (WMF) for any queries or feedback about this course and the Wikimedia Education Greenhouse initiative. We are always looking for ways to improve these resources!

Can I reuse the contents of this course in another platform?

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