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See en:Wikinfo:interwiki identity standard for a proposal for GetWiki recognition of one ID, preferably ID, for all of GetWiki space.

If GetWiki also monitors the whole GFDL text corpus at the standard wiki URIs, and the wikitext standard supports the RecentChanges and DeletedPages log's conventions, it would be easy to have some common address other than simple IP numbers across many large public wikis.

This would simplify identity disputes for those who used such a voluntary common ID. For clashing allegations of identity, only a faction system can possibly work. See en:Wikinfo:faction for a proposal for this that would suit pan-GFDL editing.

Anything that would help carry a person's identity across multiple wiki would be useful beyond much more than just wiki. It would be useful in community bulletin boards, in instant messaging, in online games, in IRC, in pretty much any domain online. Thus, I think we should look at pan-communications technology systems, rather than just confining ourselves to wiki. -- LionKimbro