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Wiki science is the study of how the phenomenon of wikis, and free, open collaborative works in general (like free software and open source), are growing, changing and adapting.

  1. Introduction
  2. Birth
    1. Budding Effect
  3. Growth and Maintenance
    1. Vibrant User Base: Some tips on how to attract and retain a vibrant user base
    2. Article Evolution
    3. Self Healing
    4. How to Maintain a Wiki: Dealing with problem users, switching to new hardware, software or administrator(s).
      1. Children and the Wikimedia Projects: Dealing with children and mentoring them.
    5. Wikipedia's success: A report on Wikipedia's growth, and success. Chances of dying out.
    6. Source Code: Specific tips for wikis discussing programming topics.
  4. Trolling
    1. Trolls: What are trolls and how should they be dealt with?
  5. Comparison with other mediums
    1. Accuracy: The offline media make a big deal about inaccuracies on wikis, is this really a problem?
  6. Future
    1. Future of Wiki
    2. Wikiresearch: Is it possible to use a wiki as a medium to do scientific research?
    3. Semantic Prosthetic: Some ideas about how to make wikis useful for education.
    4. Information Currency: The use of information currency and information currency markets to quantitate the economic value of information and motivate individuals to contribute valuable information. wikipedia is a free software encyclopedia
  7. Case studies
    1. Case Study 1: A brief report on the use of a wiki for a computer mediated communication class
  8. Appendices
    1. References
    2. Index
    3. Authors
    4. History