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How do you present a tree in html? With tables perhaps?

Tree[edit | edit source]

      Portland Pattern Repository - first Wiki ever
        ↓                        ↓
      Wikipedia:Wikipedia       WikiWikiWebWiktionary, WikiBooks, WikiQuote,
Stockepedia, Internet Encyclopedia

WikiWikiWeb -> MuMuWiki WikiWikiWeb -> MeatballWiki -> CommunityWiki -> TaoRiver Wiki

Really, we probably need to RDF encode the data into our wiki in a standard way, telling what our lineage is. Then, we'll be able to turn the whole thing on with a nice browser; It'll all light up like a christmas tree..!

Basically, a social networking software for wiki. -- LionKimbro

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Further Research[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia:Wiki - investigate heritage of wikis listed in "Wiki communities" section