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Key Componenets of a TBL[edit | edit source]

A TBL is easily recognized when you walk into a classroom/computer lab and see a group of students actively engaged

learning the material at hand, and a teacher who is walking around assisting students with their computers.

The key components of a TBL are the students, teacher, computers, and other pieces of technology.

Teacher Perspective[edit | edit source]

A technology based lesson (TBL) allows the teacher and students to work together to

achieve the common goal of learning the material. However, in a TBL the students are given

more interaction both with each other and the instructor to ensure maximum learning in

this environment.

Student Perspective[edit | edit source]

Students that learn through a TBL are given the parameters of a project and a computer.

They are required to use the technology to give them the information needed to complete the project.

Here is an example TBL on plate tectonics.

Plate Tectonics

"Students, we are going to go over these few slides of notes to get background information

that you will need to complete our next project. Once these notes are complete, we will be

completing a Plate Tectonics Project. During this project, each of you will be assigned a

tectonic event, such as volcano or earthquake, that you will research and complete a report on.

You will present your findings in a five minute presentation to the class next week. Once you

have your tectonic event, you will receive a list of approved websites to help you find your


The required information is as follows:

Fault line or plate boundary they occurred at.

Type of volcano or fault line.

Number of deaths

What the major causes of death were.

Dates and historical information

How far away effects were felt

Global climate changes

Where your information came from


Presentation of 3-5 minutes

Then, you will need to choose a way to display your information from one of these:

video address such as a news conference posted to YouTube, a music video that tells the required

information, a powerpoint presentation, if you have any other options, you make speak to me

about it after class.

Advantages and Disadvantages[edit | edit source]

TBL Advantages Disadvantages
Allows the teacher to guide the students to the information Students are not constantly observed by the teacher
Allows the student to display their knowledge with their strengths Technology is expensive
Allows teacher to design requirements for each individual student and their ability level Students cannot easily make up missed work

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