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Which Lesson is Boring?[edit | edit source]

Textbook Based Chapter Lesson (TBCL)[edit | edit source]

Imagine sitting in a classroom, being lectured to for 45 minutes straight, then being told to go home and answer 25 questions on what has just been lectured about.

Technology Based Lesson (TBL)[edit | edit source]

Imagine taking that same material, going to a computer lab, researching the topic, creating a visually dazzling display of your knowledge, and using your specific skill set to accomplish this goal.

Classrooms Today[edit | edit source]

In our classrooms today, children are expected to sit through monotonous explanations of materials that they feel has no application whatsoever to their lives. By changing the way a lesson is taught,our students will take more interest in their learning, more interest in the material at hand, and become better able to navigate the technological world that we live in today. This technology knowledge will assist them in their future even if the subject matter knowledge won't.

What to expect from this tutorial[edit | edit source]

After completing this tutorial, you will be able to: Convert a textbook chapter lesson into a technology based lesson. This will be accomplished through the following steps:

  • Differentiate examples of “textbook chapter lesson” (TBCL) and “technology based lesson” (TBL)
  • Have procedures for converting a TBCL into a TBL.
  • Take a rubric with you to determine if you have a good converted lesson.
  • See an example TBCL converted into a TBL and graded against the rubric.

Navigating[edit | edit source]

This lesson is set up into sections. We are starting at Converting TBCL into TBL

Next, we will continue on to TBCL, the to TBL, continue with Elements of a good TBL, finishing with a Check for Understanding.

At the top and bottom of this page, there is a user bar that allows you to click on any page of the tutorial that you would like. There is also a back and next button at the bottom of each page.

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