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Welcome to the Wikiversity learning project about web pages.

Reading[edit source]

Types of web pages at Wikiversity[edit source]

As a wiki website, Wikiversity is all about collaborative editing of web pages. If you are new to wiki, you can click here for a tutorial about the basics of editing. You can create the content of Wikiversity.

Wikiversity has several different kinds of web pages.

  • Learning resources. The goal of Wikiversity is to produce and host learning resources. Wikiversity pages devoted to learning resources have names such as "Web pages" and learning resource.
  • Portals. "Portal" pages are user-friendly directories that guide Wikiversity participants to groups of related pages. For example, see the Science Portal. Wikiversity has a large number of web pages for learning resources and Portal pages play an important role in helping people find the learning resources that are looking for.
  • Policy. Wikiversity is a complex project with many participants. In order to facilitate collaboration and constructive interactions, Wikiversity has some policies. For example, the Be Bold! policy encourages participants to pitch-in and contribute without spending too much time asking first.

Additional reading[edit source]

  • Wikiversity:Namespaces - each type of Wikiversity web page exists in one of several "namespaces", collections of pages with similar functions. For example, all "portal pages" are in the portal namespace and their names start with the "Portal:" prefix.

Activities[edit source]

  • Read about namespaces and extend the list of types of webpages (above) to include short descriptions of web pages in each namespaace.
  • Make sure that the glossary has good entries for each type of Wikiversity web page. For example, a glossary entry for "image" should explain the types of files that can be uploaded to pages in the "Image:" namespace.

See also[edit source]

  • Proposals for new namespaces - Wikiversity is a young project. Is there a new namespace that would help organize the activity of Wikiversity participants?