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digitale Pen Mouse for handwriting and annotations during the video conference
Digital tablet PC with stylus for handwriting, painting diagrams or annotations of PDF documents and slides

Basic Principles[edit | edit source]

  • (Short presentations) Short presentations in a group can be held with exported PDF documents from LibreOffice in a common presentation area for all.
  • '(Minutes/Sharing Notes) Minutes can be created transparently for all in the shared notes. Additional notes (like a missing link) can be entered directly into the log.
  • (Annotation of presentation slide) The slides can also be annotated (Please note that the annotation will be lost after the session. Per screenshot, the pages can be copied to a LibreOffice draw page (ideally in landscape format) before the end of the session if individual slides from the joint work are to be saved. At the next session, you can export this document again as a PDF and continue working on it.
  • (Use of handwritten annotated PDF) If you discuss documents in a session that also contain diagrams and illustrations that are annotated in preparation for a session, then it makes sense to already create these as PDF. Preparatory annotation outside of BBB video conferences is done, for example, with the free open source software Xournal++, which can be used to annotate PDF files. These annotations can be exported back to PDF for discussion in Xournal and discussed in a BBB session in the joint video conference.
  • These meetings can also include discussion of handwritten solutions from students. To do this, students may need to photograph the handwritten documents with a smartphone and copy them into a LibreOffice Draw document (ideally again in landscape format). With the multi-page PDF export, a joint meeting can be held in a BBB video conference. If the work has already been created with a word processing document (e.g. LibreOffice Writer or another office program) you can also print the document directly into a PDF file or export it directly as PDF like in LibreOffice. This document is then directly the basis for the joint meeting.
  • (Sharing of documents) When you prepare a meeting, go as a moderator into the meeting room a little earlier and upload all the required documents already ( button).
Upload Presentation in BigBlueButton - Share PDF-Documents, Youtube-Videos, Images and Screenshots with a blue Plus-Button
  • as PDF format (e.g. export with LibreOffice) and ideally in landscape format (Landscape), because this fits better to the landscape format of the screen.

Handwritten sketches can also be submitted for discussion, e.g. if you take a picture of them with your smartphone and then upload them by the moderator. Uploading in advance saves time in a session.

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