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This page is under construction by English 149 (the best class ever) at UNC Chapel Hill, and it will eventually include information on sites of consequence to UNC students.

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Academic Sites[edit | edit source]

Davis Library[edit | edit source]

The Davis Library at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Davis Library is one of the main library on Campus, located between the Student Union and Lenoir dining hall. It is the biggest library containing a total of eight floors of study and work spaces. There are plenty of books, computers, chairs, maps, government information, data collections, and microforms available. It is normally open until 2:00 AM for students with inconvenient day-time schedules.

Sloane Art Library[edit | edit source]

The inside of the Sloane Art Library, a small library at UNC-Chapel Hill

Description[edit | edit source]

The Sloane Art Library is located in the Hanes Art Center on South Columbia Street across from Fraternity Court. It is one of the smaller libraries on campus, since very few students at UNC-Chapel Hill know it even exists. It is a very convenient library for students living in Granville and Fraternity Court because of its close proximity to these areas. It is also extremely quiet and peaceful due to the low student volume.

Regular Hours[edit | edit source]

  • Monday-Thursday 8AM-9PM
  • Friday 8AM-5PM
  • Saturday 12PM-5PM
  • Sunday 3PM-9PM

Undergraduate Library (UL)[edit | edit source]

This is the library of choice for most UNC undergrads. It's centrally located, near the Pit and the Student Store. There aren't very many books compared to the other libraries, but there are plenty of desks and arm chairs for studying. New books, reserved books, and periodicals are located downstairs, along with the reference collection and the circulation desk. The main collection and study rooms are upstairs. These study rooms can be reserved online through the UNC libraries website and are a great place to meet with study groups. The ITS Help Desk is downstairs, along with the electronic media resources. These resources include screenplays, the DVD collection, and computers equipped with various editing softwares and programs. There is a small studio for recording and editing video and audio files, which can be reserved in advance. The library is open on a 24 hour basis, but students need to present their ID’s when studying late at night.


Places to Print[edit | edit source]

  • Underground Union (located next to Wendy's)
  • Usually all dorms on their lobby floors/with sitting RA will have a printer close by.
  • Sitting rooms/ Game rooms sometimes have a printer close by

With OneCard[edit | edit source]

  • Alumni Hall (Outside of Room 203)
  • Beard Hall (Inside Room 104)
  • Campus Y (2nd Floor)
  • Carrington Hall (Inside Room 205)
  • Carroll Hall
  • FedEx Global Education Center (Coffee Shop)
  • Hanes Art Center (Sloane Art Library)
  • Kenan-Flagler Business School (McColl Building, 1st Floor Study Rooms, 3rd Floor Atrium)
  • Kenan Science Library
  • Law Library
  • Peabody Hall (Outside of room 204)
  • Back of the UL
  • Glass room of UL
  • Lower level of UL
  • Lower level of Union
  • First Floor Davis
  • Dorms
    • First floor of Hinton James through small TV lounge

Without OneCard[edit | edit source]

  • Computer Labs on lower level of Carroll Hall
  • Undergraduate Library

Social Sites[edit | edit source]

Popular Places to go eat with Friends[edit | edit source]

  • The Yogurt Pump aka YoPo
    • Since 1982, YoPo has been serving the best frozen yogurt (froyo) on Franklin Street. Regardless of the time or day, people line up out the door for this delicious, guilt-free treat. All of their selections are low fat, no fat, or just 10 calories per ounce.
The Yogurt Pump located on Franklin Street
  • Bandidos
    • Hidden down a stairwell, in an alley on Franklin Street, Bandidos is a popular Mexican restaurant that one can attend for someone's birthday or just to grab margaritas with friends.
The front of the restaurants Top This and Chopsticks on Franklin Street
  • Top This
    • Top This is a burger joint with a great selection of toppings. They have many different kinds of buns, meats, and sauces that many burger places do not. Every Monday they have a burger special that makes the price very competitive.
  • Cosmic Cantina
    • Cosmic Cantina is located near Johnny t-shirt and the Lux Apartment complex offices on Franklin Street. A place often referred to simply as "Cosmic" by students the restaurant is open from 11 AM to 4 AM every day of the week. A wide range of Mexican food from burritos to quesadillas to nachos and cheese, Cosmic is a relatively cheap place to eat at most times of the day.
  • Top of The Hill aka TOPO
    • Top of the Hill has been a staple of Chapel Hill since it was established in 1994. This restaurant, brewery, and distillery resides on the corner of Franklin and Columbia Street, an intersection widely regarded as the social center of Chapel Hill nightlife.
  • Sutton's Drugstore
    • If you want to see a basketball player or athlete on campus, Sutton's is one of the best places to look. Since 1923, Sutton's has been serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the back of the drug store. There is now a late night food truck on Rosemary Street besides Bob's, so you can get chili cheese fries or a hot dog on your way home from the Chapel Hill night life. Even though the store changed ownership in 1964 to Elliott Brummitt, he promised the community that he would maintain the tradition of having a pharmacy and restaurant. The walls of Sutton's have photographs of families, athletes, and celebrities who have came in to the store.
  • [B]ski's
    • In the summer of 2005, Bradley & Blair Smith moved to Chapel Hill, NC to create and build the ultimate restaurant brand they later named [B]SKI’S. In the spirit of offering a “home away from home” dining experience, the concept was designed around a new grilled wrap that was so different and unique that they named it a SKI![2]

Delivery Options[edit | edit source]

  • Insomnia Cookies
    • Delicious milk and cookies!
  • Jimmy Johns
    • Deliveries are freaky fast!
  • B Ski's Wraps
    • Delivers Late
  • Asia Cafe
    • Delivers Late
  • Tarheel Takeout
    • Offers a variety of delivery options from local restaurants, which they will pick up for you and then deliver. In addition to debit or credit card, Tarheel Takeout also will accept student flex accounts.
  • Order Carolina
    • Offers delivery from local restaurants, including Chipotle, Sakura Xpress, and Artisan Pizza, at a lower price than Tarheel Takeout. They also have a free app called Crunchbutton which allows for quick ordering right from your smartphone.
  • Domino's Pizza
    • There is a Domino's at 1289 N Fordham Blvd Chapel Hill, NC 27514 that delivers late and delivers to most of the dorms

The Pit[edit | edit source]

The sunken courtyard known as “The Pit” beside the Student Union is a popular gathering place for students and the site of speeches and performances. Notices painted on “The Cube” near the Union alert students to upcoming events. The Pit’s south side steps lead to Student Stores in the Daniels Building. The north side steps lead to Lenoir Hall, the main dining hall on campus. The pit prides itself as the center of student life. It is rumored that you will see every student on campus if you stand in the pit for a day. It is also prime location for fundraising endeavors, passing out flyers, and public statements/events. [3]

Greek Life[edit | edit source]

Kappa Delta, one of the 14 sororities, on bid day in September.

Greek life is a large part of campus life. 18% of undergraduates are involved in more traditional Greek organizations. There are 23 fraternities and 14 sororities. Most of the fraternities are part of the Intrafraternity Council, and most sororities are part of the Panhellenic Council.

IFC Chapters[edit | edit source]

  • Alpha Epsilon Pi
  • Alpha Tau Omega
  • Beta Theta Pi
  • Chi Phi
  • Chi Psi
  • Delta Kappa Epsilon
  • Delta Sigma Phi
  • Delta Upsilon
  • Kappa Alpha
  • Kappa Sigma
  • Lambda Chi Alpha
  • Phi Delta Theta
  • Phi Gamma Delta
  • Pi Kappa Alpha
  • Pi Kappa Phi
  • Pi Lambda Phi
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • Sigma Chi
  • Sigma Nu
  • Sigma Phi
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon
  • Zeta Beta Tau
  • Zeta Psi

Bars & Clubs[edit | edit source]

  • He's Not Here - home of the blue cup
  • Pulse Nightclub
  • The Library - founded by UNC alumni, Alex Lewis
  • Players
  • Bob's
  • Rec Room
  • Fitzgerald's Irish Pub
  • Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery
  • The Heel
  • La Res
  • Old Chicago- commonly know for their $2 pizzas

Restaurants Open Past 12 AM[edit | edit source]

  • Time Out
  • Waffle House
  • I Love NY Pizza
  • [B]Ski's
  • Old Chicago
  • Sutton's Food Truck
  • Jimmy John's
  • Wings Over Chapel Hill
  • Linda's
  • Toppers Pizza
  • Sup Dogs
  • Cosmic Cantina
  • Wendy's

Historic Sites and Landmarks[edit | edit source]

The Old Well[edit | edit source]

The Old Well is one of the most enduring symbols of UNC. It is located on Cameron St. between Old East and Old West Residence halls. It was originally built as the water supply for Old East and Old West dormitories. President Erwin A. Alderman directed its present form in 1897 as a beautification project resembling the Temple of Love in the Garden of Versailles. Students often drink from the well before the first day of class as an old tradition to bring good luck. [4]

The Old Well is an iconic symbol of UNC-Chapel Hill's campus

Morehead Bell Tower[edit | edit source]

Each hour of the day the Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower rings to remind students and faculty of the generosity of two families associated with the university since its earliest days.[5]

Davie Poplar Tree[edit | edit source]

This is a photo of the Davie Poplar tree at McCorkle Place on the campus of the University of North Carolina.

The Davie Poplar Tree is a tuliptree (or tulip poplar) located at McCorkle Place on the campus of the University of North Carolina. It is believed to be at least 300 years old. The tree's namesake comes from Revolutionary War General William R. Davie and legend has it that he stood beneath the tree as he selected the site for the University. Many people say that as long as the tree is standing, the University will be successful.[6]

Old East[edit | edit source]

Old East is the first building constructed on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Its cornerstone was laid on October 12, 1793. The building currently serves as a co-ed residence hall for students of the University.

Davie Poplar Bench[edit | edit source]

The bench is located beneath the Davie Poplar Tree. According to campus folklore, if you sit on the bench with your significant other, the two of you will always be together.

Silent Sam[edit | edit source]

The statue of a confederate soldier by John Wilson. Silent Sam is located on the upper quad. The statue was erected in 1913, and was dedicated to the students who were in the Confederate Army, as well as the 321 alumni who passed away during the Civil War. The soldier is referred to as silent because he is not carrying any ammunition. [7]

Unsung Founders Memorial[edit | edit source]

The Unsung Founders Memorial is located in McCorkle Place. Designed by Do-Ho Suh, it was erected in 2005 in order to honor the minority groups who helped to build the university. The memorial is a round, black table held up by three hundred bronze figurines. The table is surrounded by five seats, where visitors can rest. The memorial contains the inscription: “The Class of 2002 honors the University’s unsung founders – the people of color bond and free – who helped build the Carolina that we cherish today.”

Campus Curiosities[edit | edit source]

The Underground Tunnels[edit | edit source]

Student in storm drain system under UNC's campus

The so called "Underground Tunnels" on UNC's campus are actually a series of storm drain pipes. It is illegal and dangerous to go into the storm pipes, but that does not hold students back from exploring their depths. [8]

Order of Gimghoul[edit | edit source]

The castle that is owned by the Order of Gimghoul, as seen from the gravel road out front. Note the black car with tinted windows parked under the porch.

The Order of Gimghoul is a collegiate secret society founded in 1889. Students enjoy speculating about the nature of this society, and visits to the castle site are always exciting for them, especially under cover of darkness.

The Legend[edit | edit source]

A UNC Chapel Hill student, Peter Dromgoole, was in love with a woman named Miss Fanny. However, another young man also loved this woman, and there was a pistol duel for her affection between the two men. Dromgoole was allegedly killed at the site of the castle, and his blood stains a rock there to this day. The rock was dragged over his body to cover up any wrongdoing. The name Dromgoole inspired the founder of the Order of Gimghoul, who named the Order after this mysterious occurrence. [9]

The Founding[edit | edit source]

Wray Martin, a student at the University, liked to visit Point Prospect at night to write a private mythology. In these mythologies, which were inspired by the Arthurian legends, he created a "City of the Gimghoul." The castle was in the spot where he wrote, and was surrounded by a "great, island-dotted sea." [10]

Speculations and Weirdness[edit | edit source]

When people try to take photos of the site, if someone who works for the organization sees you- for example, a maintenance man in a white truck- they will be told they are not supposed to take photos because it's "top secret."

On the eve of Halloween every year, a group of hooded figures with candles appears in the Forest Theater around midnight. A popular student theory is that these figures are, in fact, the members of the Order.

Some students say that the Order is basically just a fraternity that's more secret. One student, walking by at night, saw a male wearing a polo shirt and khakis come outside while holding a red cup.

Gary the Pit Preacher[edit | edit source]

Gary "preaches" to the student body of UNC Chapel Hill publicly outside of WIlson Library or in "The Pit". He is known for his extremely racist, sexist, and just generally offensive views, as well as for his blue fold-up lawn chair and picket-signs. He has been known to say that UNC is his favorite university to "preach" at- the students can't decide if that is a good or bad reflection on the student body. It is widely accepted that his views are false and irrelevant, and that he is impossible to engage in formal debate. In 2014 Gary was banned from The Pit for a period of one year, and was henceforth known as the "Adjacent-to-the-Pit Preacher."

Gary "preaches" to the student body of UNC Chapel Hill

Theories[edit | edit source]

  • Gary is the most committed performance artist of all time
  • Gary is hired by the university to encourage debate and discussion
  • Gary is possibly the greatest genius of all time.
  • Gary is a troll.

Activities[edit | edit source]

  • Pit Preacher Bingo[11]

Ackland Art Museum[edit | edit source]

The Ackland Art Museum was founded via a bequest made by William Hayes Ackland who wanted to be laid to rest in an art museum named after him. It can be found close to Franklin Street and across from Fraternity Court.

Ackland Tomb[edit | edit source]

William Hayes Ackland is entombed in the Ackland Art Museum.In Ackland's last will and testament, he outlined he wanted to be laid to rest in a museum to be named after him at Duke University. Duke rejected the idea of have a museum that held the tomb of Ackland and instead, after nine years of litigation, the Ackland trust was awarded to UNC Chapel Hill. Currently, Mr. Ackland is laid to rest in the Art Museum and his tomb can be seen inside the museum. [12]

Unique Institutions[edit | edit source]

LaUNCh Chapel Hill[edit | edit source]

  • A start-up incubator on Franklin Street. Young entrepreneurs, both students and residents of Chapel Hill, use this office space to work on their business endeavors. The incubator supports 9 current ventures and 17 tenant ventures. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, LaUNCh provides you with the resources you need to be successful.
    LaUNCh Chapel Hill Front Sign, Startup Incubator.
    LaUNCh Chapel Hill Workspace

Current Ventures[edit | edit source]

  • The Director Group
  • Emerging Frontiers
  • SyncHear
  • Organics and Sound
  • Non-Scents
  • Mamafrica Designs
  • Sono Health and Wellness
  • Digirithm
  • Allignedin

1789[edit | edit source]

  • A followup start-up incubator created in the wake of LaUNCh Chapel Hill's wild success.

Athletic Sites[edit | edit source]

Hooker Fields[edit | edit source]

Hooker Fields are turf fields that are utilized by students for athletics.
  • Hooker Fields are turf fields that are located next to Carmichael Arena and behind both Eddie Smith Field House and Fetzer Field. These fields are utilized for many different sports activities on campus. Intramural Leagues use these fields for flag football, soccer, softball, and kickball. Also, sport clubs such as soccer, ultimate frisbee, and rugby use these fields for their competitions or games.

Student Recreation Center[edit | edit source]

  • Racquet Ball Courts
    Racquet ball and racket

The racquet ball courts in the SRC are located past the main weight room to the right. There are XX number of courts, seperated on two different floors, resulting in a frequent availability. The equipment managers provide racquets, balls,, and eye protection for any person with a UNC OneCard. These courts share the same hours as the SRC.

  • Weight Room

The SRC houses a state of the art free weight setups, weight machines, as well as resistance training machines. In addition to strength training, there are also various cardiovascular exercise-centered machines located throughout the weight room as well as in the upstairs space. This includes free wheel spin bikes (located by the racquet ball courts), rowing machines (upstairs), treadmills (main weights area), and ellipticals (upstairs).

  • Gymnastics Room (Climbing Wall)

The gymnastics room is located on the upper floor of the SRC, and is quite expansive. The room's primary function is to serve as the practive facilities for the UNC-CH gymnastics team. This room does, however, house an artificial climbing wall. While the gymnastics equipment is off limits to students not on the varsity or JV gymnastics teams, the climbing wall is a resource that any student can access so long as they have been certified for belaying.

  • Fencing Room
    The UNC-CH Fencing Room

The fencing room is in the basement of the SRC by the equipment manager's room, and adjacent to the locker rooms. This room is often open, but not available to any undergraduate student or faculty, instead only those on the fencing team have access to this area for fencing purposes.

  • Basketball Courts (Fetzer)

Fetzer basketball courts are in the same building as the SRC, and could be classified as the same facility, although they do not share a name. These courts are often available to all students for pickup basketball. They also commonly host Lifetime Fitness classes for students throughout the day, so their availability differs based on this schedule.

Ehringhaus Field[edit | edit source]

The turf athletic field on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill near Ehringhaus residence hall and Boshamer Stadium.

Ehringhaus Field (or Ehaus Field for short) is a turf athletic field located behind the Ehringhaus residence hall and next to the Boshamer baseball stadium. It is used by students for pickup games of soccer, football, ultimate frisbee, and other sports. It is also used by certain varsity and club sports teams at UNC for warmups, practices, and/or matches. On nice days, you're likely to see people studying, tanning, or simply hanging out on Ehaus Field.

Carolina Outdoor Education Center[edit | edit source]

  • Is a 20-acre wooded area that is approximately a 10 to 20 minute walk from the Student union [4].
  • 8 Tennis Courts
  • 3 Sand Volleyball Courts
  • 18-Hole Disc Golf Course
  • Map included (click link for details) [5].
  • The COEC has a challenge course which has low elements and two high ropes courses. An expedition program includes rock climbing, sea kayaking, backpacking, day hikes and WAFFYS (which is a special opportunity for first years). The expedition programs are offered to students, university groups, staff and other community members.

Rams Head Recreation Center[edit | edit source]

  • indoor track
  • basketball courts
  • weight room
  • multi-purpose room
  • cardio machines
  • locker rooms

Woollen Gymnasium[edit | edit source]

  • 8 basketball courts
  • Equipment room for equipment rental and towel service
  • CPR training lab
  • Locker rooms
  • Small dance studio (room 207)
  • Instructional weight rooms and multipurpose rooms

Residence Hall Recreation[edit | edit source]

In the dorms on campus, there are enhancements available for residents to check out. These enhancements can be used to play billiards, ping pong, and other small sports.

Granville Towers[edit | edit source]

  • Outdoor Pool/Basketball court

Full-court basketball court and swimming pool located between Granville Towers Residence Hall and University Square.

  • Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is located in the bottom of the East Tower. The facility contains cardio machines and weight equipment.

Hinton James[edit | edit source]

  • basketball court
  • sand volleyball court

Craige[edit | edit source]

Commonly known as "Crusty Craige", Craige is a dormitory on South Campus that houses primarily first year students. Some of the attractions of Craige are:

  • basketball court
  • sand volleyball court
  • printer
  • laundry room
  • outdoor grills

Ehringhaus[edit | edit source]

Named for the 1902 graduate, John Christoph Blucher Ehringhaus, Ehringhaus community – or E-haus as residents call it – has as much history as it has fun. E-haus has a heavy first-year population, which makes it an ideal community for making the transition to college and meeting others who are eager to get connected to everything going on at Carolina.

  • outdoor grills
  • laundry room
  • printer
  • sand volleyball cour
  • mail room


Cobb[edit | edit source]

  • tennis courts
  • basketball courts

Connor Community[edit | edit source]

Connor Community is located on north campus and is conveniently located less than a quarter mile from the pit, which is the center of campus. Nicknamed CoCo, the community is made up of hall style dorms including Alexander, Connor, Joyner, and Winston. The community office is located on the first floor of Connor and the dorms that make up this community surround a beach volleyball court that can be accessed by anyone. A well-known event in the Connor Community is known as Connorstock, in which residents get to enjoy a music festival in the spring that includes free food. Living in Connor Community makes it easier for residents to commute to class, enjoy a nice meal in Lenoir, or visit any of the main libraries to get some studying done.

Lower Quad[edit | edit source]

  • sand volleyball court

Upper Quad[edit | edit source]

  • sand volleyball court

Boshamer Stadium[edit | edit source]

Since the late 1960's, Boshamer Stadium (known as "The Bosh") has been the home of UNC's baseball team. The campus began expanding during the 60's, which allowed the baseball team to be able to have a new field. The stadium eventually opened in 1972. The baseball team enjoyed much success on the field, and were awarded with a new stadium. In 2007, ground was broken for the new stadium, and later opened in 2009 for the team. Boshamer Stadium has hosted ACC tournaments and NCAA regionals.

UNC Athletics[edit | edit source]

Men's Basketball[edit | edit source]

  • The UNC men's basketball team has won six national championships in its history, with the most recent championship win coming in 2017.
  • Notable alumni: Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, Phil Ford, and many more.
  • Notable Coaches: Dean Smith and Roy Williams.

Football[edit | edit source]

UNC vs. Liberty Football Game at Chapel Hill

The UNC Football program is one composed of a huge number of athletes, coaches, managers, and media professionals. The community culture of UNC football is one of tradition and excellence.

Men's Baseball[edit | edit source]

  • The UNC men's baseball team has won 6 ACC championships and had 10 College Worlds Series Appearances.

Women's Basketball[edit | edit source]

Coach: Sylvia Hatchell Roster:

0 - Cherry, Jamie 1 - Mavunga, Stephanie 2 - Coleman, Latifah 3 - Buckland, Megan 10 - Butts, Danielle 11 - Rountree, Brittany 13 - Fuller, Hillary 15 - Gray, Allisha 22 - Bryant, N'Dea 24 - Washington, Jessica 30 - Summers, Hillary 31 - Johnson, Erika 34 - McDaniel, Xylina

  • The UNC women's basketball team has won one national championship as well as an ACC championship.

Women's Soccer[edit | edit source]

  • The UNC women's soccer team is the most successful sports team on campus, with a record breaking 21 NCAA national championships.

Men's Soccer[edit | edit source]

  • The UNC men's soccer team has won 2 national championships and 3 ACC championships.

Men's Lacrosse[edit | edit source]

  • The UNC men's lacrosse team has won 7 ACC championships and 4 national championships.

Music on Campus[edit | edit source]

Music Venues Nearby[edit | edit source]

  • Memorial Hall - As the main performance venue on campus, Memorial Hall plays host to all Carolina Performing Arts events during the school year. The theatre seats 1434 people: 518 in the balcony, 916 in the orchestra. Each year, Carolina Performing Arts brings world-renown artists to Carolina to play at memorial hall. The acts range from classical to jazz to rock to rap and everything inbetween. Students get tickets for Memorial Hall for only $10.
  • Local 506 - A small venue on West Franklin Street that brings in lots of smaller, "niche" type acts. The venue features a bar and fits 250 people. See Local 506's website for dates and prices.
    Local 506, music venue in Chapel Hill, NC
  • Cats Cradle - Cats Cradle is technically in Carrboro, but is the largest venue in the Chapel Hill area. It is a popular venue for upcoming musicians, particularly ones college students favor. The Cradle is over 40 years old and has hosted Nirvana, Public Enemy, John Mayer, Iggy Pop, and many others over time. Its max capacity is 750, but the Cradle is concerned an intimate space based on the acts it brings in. See Cat Cradle's website for dates and prices.
  • King's Barcade - Raleigh. Offers high-quality groups in an intimate setting.
  • Lincoln Theatre - Raleigh. Larger with more standing room than anything close to Chapel Hill.
  • Chapel Hill Underground - Chapel Hill
  • Red Hat Ampitheater - Raleigh

Instruments for use on Campus[edit | edit source]

  • Pianos - Pianos can be found in a number of dorms. Additionally, Hill Hall has small music practice rooms in the basement that include many pianos. Kenan Music Building also has pianos in the basement studios, Hall 1201, and in classroom upstairs (although these are generally more restricted). Graham Memorial has a piano that can be used when students are not napping. Skilled players can also use the grand piano in the lobby of the UNC hospitals to calm and entertain visitors.
Instruments for use in Kenan Music Building's basement
  • Drums - Complete drum sets can be found in the Kenan Music Building. Key access is needed
  • Woodwinds and Brass - Various wind instruments are available for use from the Music staff in Hill Hall and Kenan Music Building.
  • Recording - Recording equipment can be found in the Basement of Hill Hall. Also, Hall 1201 in Kenan Music Building is wired to its own studio that can be used for recording live concerts and masterclasses. Digital recording equipment can be checked out for class projects from the MRC in the basement of the Undergraduate Library. The Beasley Lab in Graham Memorial also provides recording and video editing services.

Pianos in Dorms[edit | edit source]

  • Cobb - 1st Floor Lobby - Small Interior Lounge
  • McIver - 1st Floor Parlor
  • Spencer - 1st Floor Parlor
  • Ruffin - 1st Floor Lounge
  • Parker - Basement Parlor
  • Craige - 1st Floor - Carolina Room
  • Ehringhaus - Ground floor - Mailroom
  • Morrison - 1st Floor - Multi-Purpose Room
  • Hinton James - 1st Floor - Game Room
  • Odum Community Center - 2nd Floor
  • Horton - first floor in study wing

Meeting Points:UNC Students and Organizations[edit | edit source]

Student life at UNC has numerous opportunities to be involved with the community and plenty of places to host the numerous student organizations on campus.

Student Led Organizations[edit | edit source]

ASA is made of people interested in the many aspects of Asian Culture.
  • UNC ASA (Asian Student Association) Generally has a booth in the pit once or twice a week during lunch hours/afternoon hours for varying reasons such as Asia focused charities or information events.
  • UNC Club Tennis (OEC courts) Sign up is available during fall fest and practices are held at the OEC.
  • UNC Clef Hangers is an all male a cappella group who performs several concerts every year and has a house located at 207 McCauley Street.

Meeting Places[edit | edit source]

  • The Pit
  • The Student Union
  • Teague Hall Basement
  • Peabody Hall
  • Sitterson Lecture Halls

Napping Spots[edit | edit source]

A Student Taking a quick nap in Davis Library

Graham Memorial Hall[edit | edit source]

  • Graham Memorial Hall is located in the upper right quad of North campus. Filled with several couches, large chairs, and dim lighting, Graham memorial is ideal for a nap close to Franklin Street. Make sure you make note of what day it is before you go: Graham is closed on Saturday and Sunday, and closes at 5:00pm on Friday. On weekdays, it is open from 7:30 am until 10:00 pm.

Spots in Libraries[edit | edit source]

  • Undergraduate Library Basement
  • Davis Library study rooms and second floor reclining chairs
  • Wilson Library chairs (Quietest spot to nap out of all libraries)

Coker Arboretum[edit | edit source]

  • Located at the corner of Country Club Road and Raleigh Street. Plenty of benches and grassy areas to nap when the weather is nice. Some students even bring blankets or hammocks for a comfortable summer snooze. The Arboretum is open dawn to dusk daily, year-round. Coker Arboretum is located next to the Morehead Planetarium & Science Center on the UNC campus, at the corner of Country Club Road and Raleigh Street. (For GPS navigation, enter the address 399 E. Cameron Avenue, Chapel Hill.)


Dormitory[edit | edit source]

  • Your bed
  • Your friend's bed
  • The floor
  • The place you lay your head

Sitterson Hall[edit | edit source]

  • Located in the bowels of Sitterson Hall, the semi-secretive Hacker Space contains many comfy couches and dim lighting to provide rest to tired computer science students.
  • Located on the top floor of Sitterson, the graduate lounge is a great place for graduate students and certain undergraduates to hang out and play ping pong or kick it back and take a nap.

References[edit | edit source]

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