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Teacher Lesson Plan: Bill of the Rights

Class: Social Studies

Unit: Bill of Rights

Instructor: Ms. Hollands

Objectives:[edit | edit source]

The Student is going to write down the rights that we have today and compare and contrast them with the Bill of rights from the Bill of Rights. This will help the student to know and realize different rights they have a citizen. They will do this by gathering a list of their rights as students, analyzing the Bill of Rights, and studying primary source documents to trace the origin and development of the first ten amendments. Students will then consider how the Bill of Rights might be updated to reflect 21st century circumstances. Identify the ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights. Translate the Bill of Rights into accessible, student-friendly Language. Make connections between real-life scenarios and the Bill of Rights.

Standards:[edit | edit source]

• Explain the effect of the rule of law in protecting property rights, individual rights, and the common good. • Explain the basic principles and ideals within documents and the roles played by the framers as • found in significant documents: o Declaration of Independence o United States Constitution o Bill of Rights • This will help students understand the importance of the Bill of Rights today.

Anticipatory Set[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this activity is to explain the students with the guaranteed rights of the Bill of Rights, and assist them to see the use of these rights in their lives.

Teaching: Input[edit | edit source]

Before we start doing the activity, I will provide them information about the Bill of Rights. The first thing is that I will handed out each student a copy of the Bill of Rights for them to have. The make sure that have a better understanding by going to the internet to wiki to find more information and examples of the Bill of Rights. Finally, show Video clip the bill of rights to illustrate the concept.

Teaching: Modeling[edit | edit source]

These could include rights such as loud music, large groupings of friends, prayer at home, etc. Add a rule that no group may ask the Instructor for clarification or information unless the whole group agrees on the question. Also, the whole group must agree before something can be written on the paper. The students will locate and mount on lined notebook paper three newspaper articles demonstrating current use of the Bill of Rights.

Teaching: Checking for Understanding[edit | edit source]

Have each group orally present one newspaper article to the class. Follow up with a discussion. Test the students' ability to identify the titles and content of the Bill of Rights. Discuss the problems and advantages of committee work. Have the students discuss which one right is most important.

Guided Practice:[edit | edit source]

The students will be separated into groups of three or four people, preferably with students of dissimilar interests. Each group will take a piece of butcher paper and make three headings: Rights in School, Rights at Home, and Rights in the community. The students will then list ten rights for each column. The students will then write to the side of each item in each list the number of the amendment that agrees to the right listed.

Closure:[edit | edit source]

The whole concept of this lesson plan that the students get better understanding of the rights that they have in their country. To realize that they have a lot of lead way and opportunities as American citizen to use these rights as they please.

Independent Practice:[edit | edit source]

By the independent work, I will make each student in each group basic explain on the Bill of Rights that they chose to make sure they have a better understanding to the rights they have chosen. Addition, I will randomly chose a group, but make each individual, explain on the right another group had present at the time.

Materials:[edit | edit source]

Newspapers, butcher paper, copy of the First Ten Amendments.

Duration[edit | edit source]

The time needed on this assignment is probably 30 to 45 mins. (if need extra time)

Work Cited:[edit | edit source]