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UCNISS plans to host a series of half day (3 hour( sport wiki academies in Australia and New Zealand in 2011. This page will contain information about these academies and all instructional materials related these courses. The academies will be free to attend.

Purpose[edit | edit source]

The purpose of these academies is to engage the Australian and New Zealand sport community in order to encourage them to use social media to help meet institutional goals, to start thinking about how the UCNISS as an organization that can help them accomplish their institutional objectives, and to reach out to an under-served Australian sport population that may not have considered the many social media tools available that can help them accomplish their goals.

Attendees[edit | edit source]

In each city, an attempt will be made to get sport people and organizations of all levels to attend. This includes grassroots clubs like Aussie rules, roller derby, netball and swimming clubs. It also includes leagues like WNBL, W-League, ANZ Championship, NBL, A-League, AFL and NRL clubs. It also includes organizations like State and National branch institutes of sport and universities that have programs in sport studies/management/physiology/history and culture. Beyond this, local sport fans that edit Wikipedia and Commons will be invited. University and state institutes of sport may be the primary group targeted as they likely have the best facilities to host half day events.

Academy content[edit | edit source]

The focus of the academy will depend on who is involved. In general, the broad general scope will be aimed at teaching three things:

  1. Why sport interest groups and organisations should be more engaged in social media.
  2. How to create a social media strategy; and
  3. How to use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare and other social media sites to help promote your sport related organisation.

The content for these academies will be created and will be made available on either UCNISS, Laura Hale's website or on Wikiversity. It will all be licensed using the Creative Commons Attribution and Share Alike license.

Sport Social Media Academy Instructional Booket[edit | edit source]

The instructional booklet for this course is being created using Microsoft Word. The purpose of the booklet is to be as flexible as possible in teaching a three hour session about social media to different sport organizations with different skill sets. Pages created so far:
Page 2: Purpose of Sport Social Media Academy.
Page 4: Define: Social Media.
Page 5: State of Social Media in Australia.
Page 6: Why Use Social Media.
Page 7: Why Care About Social Media.
Page 8: Social Media Checklist.
Page 9: Creating a Social Media Strategy.
Page 11: Social Media Jobs.
Page 13: Athletes and Social Media.
Page 14: Copyright.
Page 16: Privacy.
Page 17: Analytics.
Page 18: Using Social Media.
Page 19: Useful Links.

When the booklet is finished, the text will be copied to this page as either wiki pages, images or as a PDF file.

Sport Social Media Academy Events[edit | edit source]