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What is Trisquel

Trisquel GNU/Linux is a distribution of the GNU operating system, with the Linux-libre kernel.

Trisquel comes ready for home and office use, and new programs are easy to find and install. Trisquel Documentation will help you explore your options.

Trisquel is free. We mean "free" in the freedom software sense. Free as in freedom of speech not as in free beer

Trisquel community supports freedom, accessibility, and education. Trisquel users may, with any part of Trisquel, or even all of it:

   Audit / Study / Modify
   Copy / Distribute
   Distribute modified versions

These freedoms are prerequisites for users' liberty, privacy, and market freedom.

Accessibility features are an important part of Trisquel's standard edition. Trisquel manuals are screen-reader friendly; Trisquel also offer a series of helpful audio guides.

The Trisquel operating system is available gratis (free of charge). If you have questions, please ask Trisquel helpful Community.



  • Intended for home and office
  • Ready for productivity, entertainment, networking, and more
  • Runs a customised version of the GNOME Flashback desktop environment

Mini Trisquel

  • Intended for netbooks, older computers and a lightweight user experience
  • Runs a customised version of the LXDE desktop environment

Trisquel NetInstall

  • More appropriate for servers or minimal systems
  • A small download, text mode installer or with the command line interface and requiring an Internet connection to set up.

Trisquel Sugar TOAST

  • Intended for children and teachers
  • Sugar desktop interface integrates collaboration, reflection and discovery.

Each edition is available for 32 and 64-bit x86 architectures (compatible with Intel and AMD).

Are you ready to install Trisquel on a computer? Trisquel documentation has an easy to follow setup checklist.

Go to Trisquel download page

Go to Trisquel installation page