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This is a learning resource regarding Qubes OS, since this is an Operating System in development the information here may change quickly. By editing this resource you can document your learning process or just use the existing material. This resource is planned to be directly linked to the main item about Qubes OS: Qubes OS (Q7269652). Feel welcome to edit in this resource.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Qubes OS is a free, open source system designed for single-user desktop computing. Qubes OS' main appeal is on it's security, with the way that the system splits up into virtual machines, essentially being able to separate software into these virtual machines so completely that it is as if there are multiple computers within your computer.

internationalization and localization (Q41271) regarding Qubes OS (Q7269652)[edit | edit source]

This section enables the option to investigate what languages this Operating System supports. What options are available to enable a specific language in the operating system for a user which reads/types/speaks a specific language. Any participants/students are welcome to investigate/research regarding this topic.

Experimentation/Investigation[edit | edit source]

When participants are involved it might be good to be transparent about what versions of the OS that one is/are using and provide any details that are considered relevant. Software is very dependent on what version of it is used sometimes. Sometimes features get deprecated, sometimes new ones are introduced. In Wikidata(if better examples are found with more accurate qualifiers or experimental properties add them if they are considered to add something to how Qubes OS is analyzed so others can learn):

Major releases in Qubes[edit | edit source]

Here one can learn more about specific releases of Qubes OS. Only major versions will be focused on in this section. Nothing prevents focus on minor versions, point releases etc. but that is going to be up to the community. This section should include all major releases.

System configuration and customization[edit | edit source]

In Qubes OS point release 4.0.4 this is a way to display both the time and date with HH:MM:SS and YYYY-MM-DD so that it looks like this:

16:00:27 2022-04-21

Here are the steps:

  1. Right click the time and select Properties
  2. In "Format:", select "Custom Format"
  3. In the field put in
%T %Y-%m-%d
  • The effects should be immediate without the need to press on "Close" for the changes to take effect

See Also[edit | edit source]

External Resources[edit | edit source]

For actual links currently available check/edit/improve upon the Wikidata item for this Operating System: Qubes OS (Q7269652).

These are some of the official resources but you are encouraged to search/learn on the web and other resources and find people to learn from what you need to know(here or on other communities outside of the English Wikiversity community). Here are some examples:

  • Qubes Forum
  • Qubes OS Documentation index