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This resource is dedicated to the Qubes OS point release 4.0.4. Helpful tips, troubleshooting etc.

Bugs/Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

  • Network Manager Applet disappearing or not being visible in the tray.

This bug(how common?) can cause the Network Manager Applet to disappear. To make it appear again this command in a dom0 terminal has worked so far:

qvm-run sys-net "pkill nm-applet; nm-applet"

This command might show up as a result message after applying the above command:

Running 'pkill nm-applet; nm applet' on sys-net

...where sys-net had not been much updated from the 4.0.4 iso where the Fedora version was still fedora-32 in 2022-02-26.