Topics and Issues Within the Interpersonal Domain

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Welcome to the lesson on Identifying Topics to Help Plan your Strategy.

If you have come to this lesson, you are probably planning to design instruction at least somewhat related to the Interpersonal Domain. For that course, workshop or class, how will you know what topics and issues to include? Perhaps you have an idea about designing instruction about something “personal” or “interpersonal” but aren’t sure of exactly where to start.

You may have been asked to design a course about something of a “personal” or “interpersonal” nature, about how people get along, but aren’t sure about exactly what issues to include. Perhaps you know what you want to teach, but aren’t sure how to find strategies, or are interested in finding out more about your specific subject.

What You'll Be Doing:

This lesson will explore issues, topic and situations that fall within the Interpersonal Domain. You will be reading about which topics and issues are relevant or related to Interpersonal Behavior.

You’ll participate in activities to match words and concepts with broad interpersonal issues and situations. For example, you may find concepts like, “insensitive boss” or “too much work” or “loneliness” or “anger management” and will see how they relate to broader topics.

You will explore research and theorists about Interpersonal Topics. You’ll read about a specific issue, who wrote about it, and what they discovered or developed on that topic. That information may provide you with ideas to integrate into your own instructional design. You’ll also have a chance to delve within yourself and your experiences, to see if you can identify any other topics, and generate information you wish to add to the Wiki to help others.


After completing this course, you will be able to evaluate which interpersonal topics/issues and situations would be most relevant to your specific objective.

To do this, you will be able to distinguish between topics that fall within the Interpersonal Domain and those that fall within other domains.

After identifying that your instruction is within the “interpersonal” domain, you will be able to compare and contrast various topics, and their related research, in order to select which topics and methods best meet your objectives.

If you have not been assigned a specific topic or task for your project, you will be able to generate ideas from the examples provided in the lesson, to meet your objectives.

After matching your objective with relevant issues and topics within the Interpersonal domain, you will be able to use that process to research, find, adapt from and/or create activities and strategies related to those selected topics.

You will also be able to integrate suitable ideas and research about Interpersonal Domain topics, into your instructional design plan.

Conflict Resolution between two or more people. Click on the link to explore the topic of in greater detail.

Team Building . Click on the link to explore the topic of in greater detail.

Negotiation: Learning or teaching ways for two or more people to communicate effectively in order to work out and agree upon specific terms about a problem or issue. Click on the link to explore the topic in greater detail.

Social Behavior and Interpersonal Relations: Methods and strategies on how to improve interpersonal skills for getting along with other in social situations. This includes the teaching or demonstrating of ways that people can improve their behavior to communicate more effectively in social environments. Click on the link to explore the topic in greater detail.

Leadership: Instruction on how to develop and/or improve leadership skills, addressing power issues in a group, learning how to effectively inspire others, and how to bring out and help develop talents in others. Also: how to organize and delegate tasks to one or more groups, how to relate interpersonally when in the role of organizer/facilitator/leader, how to divide responsibility among others, how to address group needs and individual needs within a group, how to facilitate communications between group members to ensure everyone's ideas are heard. Click on the link to explore the topic in greater detail.

Team Building Ways to offer comfort, empathy and support to others in a one to one relationship or in a group. Click on the link to explore the topic of in greater detail.

Other Topics The Interpersonal Domain is a mix of other domains and covers a multitude of topics. Feel free to add more topics to this list; create links, to help add to the information and further explore this area. Click on the link to explore this area in greater detail.

Communications Related In general, the Interpersonal Domain is about communications. But to be specific, these are topics within communications that could be relevant to training/instructional design within this domain:

Direction Expression- has to do with how or whether people able to effectively express ideas, feelings and thoughts so that their intent and message is understood.

Listening: Includes how to listen effectively to others, and how to let others know that you are listening to them. Click on the link to explore the topic in greater detail.