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With these exercises you can deepen your learned knowledge so far
(If not, please tell us here, what we can improve - there is always something to improve).

Exercises for doing Alone[edit | edit source]

Here you can learn in your own speed, e.g.

  • Examples which you can work through
  • Videos/tutorials for watching
    • e.g. usage of test tools

Introduction into White Box Design Techniques[edit | edit source]

Graphic Display of Algorithms in a Source Code[edit | edit source]

In the following tutorial you will see, how the appropriate graph to a source code looks like.
In detail: With the tool jGRASP there is created for the Java source code from the Wikiversity course algorithms and data structures (Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen) the CSD (Control Structure Diagram).

Reason of this Tutorial: To show you, how fast such a graph can be created. It should show you that there is nothing complicated behind this - with a tool this is done automatically and easy.
Here you can see the Shockwave-Tutorial <- German version (I will create an English version soon) and still under review (condition: Shockwave-Player).

Online-Sessions with Tutors[edit | edit source]

Is still under creation

Goal: Together we will test example applications, about 30-50 minutes team-sessions


  • You can ask immediately
  • And you can get immediate feedback on your approach

Participants and tutors agree on a date (especially over different countries/timezones needed)

At the beginning:

  • Only with telephone (e.g. skype)
  • We will use an application which everybody has on his/her PC (e.g. notepad) and which everybody knows (at the beginning this is helpful - later we will also do new applications, so learning new terrain - we all are researchers).

Later - If there are problems with communciation, editing - we can add boards, remote access,...

example session:

   moderator  : In notepad, go to print menu: File>Print
                the dialogue "Print" appears.
                What do you see?
   participant: Possibilities for the settings for printing
   moderator  : Please describe more in detail
   participant: Different buttons, different printer, input fields, pictures, ....
  And then we will test the different objects/functions, 
  e.g. with design technique equivalence partitioning
  if the method is not applied correct, 
  the participant can get immediate feedback to increase her/his knowledge

Other Collaborations[edit | edit source]

Besides learning in this course here, please also try to apply your knowledge elsewhere. You will learn or did learn already, how to test. So, here some places, to be active:

  • Everywhere

or perhaps: