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This page is intended for interaction of the course participants.

story: princess and the frogs[edit | edit source]

Please add here your thoughts to this story.


Princes said the true frog come to kiss me.


This is my idea of testing,

Princess and her 4 sisters line up according to their beauty(from the least to the most) in a row.

Princess requests all frogs(princes) to line in another row.

Then princesses will kiss 5 frogs at a time until no more frog to kiss according to FIFO and also each princess kiss each frog in such order,

first princess with first frog in the row,
second princess with second frog in the row,
..., etc.
Princess then requests all princes converted from frogs to form 5 new rows according to princess's kiss and
line up as LIFO.
Now, princess asks all princes to form another new row in such order,
pick up to 5 princes at a time,
one prince from each princes' row if available and lines up according to princess in her row.

Finally, princess and 4 sisters re-line up themselves according to their beauty(from the most to the least) in a new row.

Each princess then choose her husband with her criteria from the last princes' row according to FIFO. Princeshrek, 20:24, 24 February 2007



Princeshrek's idea is really good ,but i wanna add that probably he missed 1 point,

princes told "Quiet! I can't rescue you all. Imagine the slime I would have on my mouth". i.e she's not interested to kiss all of i think we should follow Princeshrek's process until, there is enough no of prince to satisfy the needs of the princess[i mean good looking and all that..] & the princess have to select there princes from them.

but if we don't want to take the risk of loosing the best prince then we have to repeat the process mentioned by Princeshrek till there no frog remains. Iamsandeep 19:16, 25 May 2007 (UTC)



Cute fairytale, but like all fairytales, it is not realistic. The result is that the analogy breaks down and trying to develop solutions is useless. Let me explain...

In reality, there is little chance for this "project" to receive funding in the first place. The big picture is of a disaster of a project. In reality, if the project somehow got funded and if the Princess is supposed to represent a tester, with this "frog" dilemma, then the tester would find a better company to work for as soon as possible. The project should have never gotten this far and someone should have pulled the plug.

That is the way this would play out in the real world.

Thanks, William

Williamg 10:42, 30 June 2008 (PST)



Even though the fairy tale cannot totally represent the real world, it could still illustrate some reality. Also, it is just a way to help one understanding how to accomplish a task in a different but familiar way.

In my opinion, if all frogs can talk, why doesn't princess sit down and interview each of them separately. Examine each of them, use the same criteria, and make a decision which one is the best to kiss. Because many frogs could have overlapping qualities, the more and in detail criteria are, the better. The problem will change from "which one is the best frog" to "what are criteria used in evaluation."

A sample list of questions could be as followed:

* Where exactly 'far far away' are you from?
* How long have you been in this [frog] form?
* How come that you are living in the pond and not near by where you are from?
* How is your life as a frog?
* How did you live your life when you were human?
* What will you do if you are human again?

She could throw in some trivia or dummy questions as well. There are too many ways to solve this problem. Wait... The story writer did not mention how high the princess IQ is??? ;)

Taywin 11:42, 09 June 2010 (EST)