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Ruby is a free, pure object-oriented, and interpreted programming language. Ruby has been used in game making programs such as RPG Maker XP. It uses a markup script similar to Visual BASIC. However, Ruby is rarely used in comparison to C++ and similar programming language.

Textbooks and Manuals[edit]


The following are a list of highly recommended readings and software installation, although the additional reading (not the software) are not absolutely required as the lessons here are aimed at beginners.

Course Description[edit]

The Ruby lessons will be divided up into several lessons.

  • The first lesson will be an overview of Ruby, its syntax, and its pros and cons.


And here, list and link all the lessons in best learning order.

Ruby Programming[edit]

Web Development[edit]


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  • Chuboltite 15:40, 1 April 2007 (UTC)Gained an interest in (and discovered) Ruby after searching for some programming tutorials on C++. I'll also try and help out with the lessons when possible.
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