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Paleontology is divided into various subjects for the study of extinct species that once existed on the planet. A major part of the study is the process of fossilization and relationships of species to one another. Fossil specimens are assessed according to the geological structures they are preserved in. Preservation is based on corresponding geological processes; rock materials, climactic conditions, and the ecological processes present at the time the species was fossilized.

Paleontology is subsumed by the school of geology, the school of plant science, and the school of biology, as there are various topics in paleontology that relate to the aforementioned diciplines.

Learning Project Summary[edit]

  • Suggested Prerequisites:
    • None, but some knowledge of geology, taxonomy, anatomy, fossilization, evolution, ecology, and systematics would be of benefit.

External study requires a field of specialization as a prerequisite, usually in geology.

  • Time investment:

Not described as to date, but maybe 30 minutes a day!

Content summary[edit]

To learn how the process of preserving evidence of past life occurs, how it is used as evidence for evolutionary theory, the correlation of rock formations to fossilization, and the time periods of geologic structures.


This learning project offers learning activities to ____.

  • Educate and pass on the knowledge of past events and their causes and consequences.
  • Understand and develop hypothesis following the scientific principle of correct scholarly examination and to prove or disprove a theory on the basis of evidence provided.

Undergraduate in development.

At the end of your studies your work should be produced in the following example, Maury, Carlotta Joaquina 1934, Fossil Invertebrata from northeastern Brazil. Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 67, article 4 . Concepts to learn include: Geological concepts of fossilization/concepts, Process of fossilization, Anatomy of extinct and extant species.

Study guides[edit]

Learning Projects Undergraduate[edit]


Each lesson to be done over a 6 month period.

Units at Monash University as a template. Other Universities' structures will be viewed, and an appropriate course structure will be developed.


Assignment for Lesson 1.[edit]

Describe a period in the geologic record and the life that fossils have provided an exsistence of. The length of the time period can be 1-100 million years. 500 words long.


Learning Projects Postgraduate[edit]

Learning Projects Masters degree[edit]

Sample degrees offered at various Universities.

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Wikibooks textbooks[edit]


Each activity has a suggested associated background reading selection.

In this reading it is advisable that you take these guide to university study seriously. They are designed to help you with what is required of you in your studies.

*Reading 1.[edit]
*Reading 2.[edit]

This is the basic concept of what palaeontology is all about. It encoumpases these 3 areas in the study, along with a few others disiplines like geology, climatology, chemistry etc, though you are usually required to major in only one field.

*Reading 3.[edit]

More specialised fields of study.

Reading 4.[edit]

Paleopedia a wiki on the subject.

Reading 5.[edit]


Additional helpful readings include:



  • General

Guide to Fossils 2003, by Philip's, Octopus Publishing Group Ltd, London. ISBN 0-540-08374-7.

  • Geology

McGeary. D and Plummer.C.C (1994), Physical Geology Earthe revealed, Wm . C. Brown Publishers, Dubuque. ISBN 0-697-12687-0.

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