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Assignment for Lesson 1[edit]

Describe a period in the geologic record and the life that fossils have provided an exsistence of. The length of the time period can be 1-100 million years. 500 words long.



Each activity has a suggested associated background reading selection.

In this reading it is advisable that you take these guide to university study seriously. They are designed to help you with what is required of you in your studies.

*Reading 1.[edit]

*Reading 2.[edit]

This is the basic concept of what palaeontology is all about. It encoumpases these 3 areas in the study, along with a few others disiplines like geology, climatology, chemistry etc, though you are usually required to major in only one field.

*Reading 3.[edit]

More specialised fields of study.

Reading 4.[edit]

Paleopedia a wiki on the subject.

Reading 5.[edit]