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This is Object-Oriented Programming. Part of the School of Computer Science, Computer Programming Division.

Subdivision news[edit]

09-30-2010 - csmith1994 has undertaken a massive overhaul of the course. Stay tuned!


This course will be an introduction to programming objects (mainly shapes, but images can be imported as well). In this course, we will be frequently be using Processing[1], an open source programming environment which is essentially a simplified Java. You MUST download it. There are no alternative environments usable for this course.

In this course you will learn:

    • How to draw images that can be interactive
    • How to program images
    • How to set these images to interact with each other
    • How to export these "sketches" as programs usable in Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux

The majority of this course is based on Learning Processing by Daniel Shiffman.

Learning materials[edit]

Background articles at Wikipedia –

Object-oriented programming:


Learning projects[edit]

Learning projects:


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